10 Digimon that Digivolve past the Mega level

10 Digimon that Digivolve past the Mega level

In Digimon, age and power tend to go hand in hand. A Digimon’s life starts at Fresh level and ends at Mega level. The digital beings’ life cycle is a little more complex than that, as reincarnation is common in the digital world, but the Mega level is the final form before they return to a DigiEgg. Or rather, it should be.

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While every Digimon strives to reach the Mega Level, their strongest form, there are a select few Digimon who can break the natural cycle and go beyond the Mega level. These Digimon are practically gods in the digital world with power that can shake the very foundation of the network. Here are a few Digimon that have reached that obscure but coveted form.


10/10 The exam

The Exam is formed when two Mega-level Digimon, Slayerdramon and Breakdramon, are brought together. The power of these vaccine and virus type Digimon are multiplied to form the massive data type dragon whose power far exceeds that of the typical Mega.

Examon is often portrayed as the strongest of the royal knights. They are a massive draconic Digimon whose size is so massive that it could not be properly rendered by traditional means. Examon is part of the Dragon’s Roar and Virus Busters families and has a massive lance called Ambrose. Examon’s wings, Caledfwlch, are said to be sentient, possibly due to two Digimon coming together to form the behemoth.

9/10 Apocalymon

Apocalymon was the prophesied destroyer and the main antagonist of the first set of digidestined. They are a Digimon driven by greed and despair, said to have been formed from the evil of Digimon condemned to death via natural evolution. Their only desire is to control the digital world and twist it to suit their wishes.

In one game setting, there are several Digimon that evolve into Apocalymon. In some games, Apocalymon is the final form of SkullSatamon and Myotismon, but in other media, Apocalymon is formed using the power of the Dark Masters. The Dark Masters, Piedmon, Puppetmon, MetalSeadramon and Machinedramon, were said to have been created by Apocalymon to pave the way for Apocalymon’s arrival.

8/10 Susanoomon

Digimon Frontier is considered weak compared to other iterations of Digimon. Despite this, it introduced an interesting version of the digidestined and introduced many phenomenal Digimon with unique designs and extraordinary abilities. Of all these new Digimon, Susanoomon stands above them all.

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While this powerful Digimon is the DNA Digivulsion of Mega Level Digimon EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon, Susanoomon stands for more than just these two. It is the culmination of Spirits of the Ten Legendary Warriors. Although still classified as Mega, this Digimon is a deity in its own right, capable of erasing an entire network and rewriting it.

7/10 MaloMyotismon

While not the final antagonist of the season, or even the deadliest, Myotismon was definitely one of the most terrifying villains the Digidestined faced. Even the vampire Digimon’s Mega form, VenomMyotismon, despite its unusual appearance, was a terrifying threat that nearly ended the human world before they were defeated. However, this was not the end for Myotismon.

In season two of the Digimon anime, Myotismon returned stronger than ever. This new form combines the cunning intelligence of Myotismon and the raw power of VenomMyotismon, creating a ferocious, destructive force. MaloMyotismon is a monster of a Digimon in both appearance and power, and requires the power of several Digidestined from around the world to defeat it.

6/10 ZeedMillenniummon

What happens when you take a Digimon that is said to be impossible to defeat and make it stronger? You get ZeedMillenniummon. Its former form, Millenniummon, is an amalgamation of raw data taken from Machinedramon and Kimeramon, giving this Digimon immense and overwhelming power that can compress time.

ZeedMillenniumon is a massive Digimon of pure evil that can exist between space and time. Its sole desire and purpose is to destroy everything across all time. The bands that wrap around ZeedMillenniumon’s body are known as DigiCode and are said to limit the Digimon’s power. There is a prophecy that says that if these bands fail, unimaginable destruction will fall upon the digital world.

5/10 Martian

Marsmon is a deity’s Digimon and a member of Olympos XII, a mega-level group of Digimon that competes with the Royal Knights, but exists on a separate server. Inspired by the Roman god of war Mars, this Digimon is, like its inspiration, skilled in various forms of combat.

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This Digimon’s previous form is surprisingly BanchoLeomon, the top of the Leomon line. Although this Digimon prefers unarmed combat, they are not above using their hidden weapons, the Tria Knuckle and Metal Cothurnus. Its most devastating attack gathers fire in its hands as it unleashes a brutal flurry of blows before enveloping its target in a pillar of fire.

4/10 TyrantKabuterimon

The Kabuterimon line is the most iconic set of insect-type Digimon to grace the franchise. This is partly due to the original digidestined of Knowledge, Izzy Izumi, but no one can deny the popularity of these digital insects. However, many people do not realize that this line does not end with HerculesKabuterimon.

TyrantKabuterrimon rules over all insect Digimon and has the innate ability to command them at will. Because of this, TyrantKabuterimon rarely participates in battle, preferring to let those under its domain fight for it. On the rare occasion that it does have to fight, the Chrome Digizoid that makes up TyrantKabuterimon’s armored shell is said to be invulnerable. There is a reason why this Digimon is known as the “King of the Insect”.

3/10 Armageddon

For those who saw the first Digimon movie, the name Diaboromon should sound familiar. It was the main antagonist of the film and nearly caused a global disaster by hacking into the United States Department of Defense to launch hundreds of nuclear warheads. This Digimon was so powerful that it took two Mega-level Digimon fusing to defeat it. However, like any good villain, this was not the last of Diaboromon.

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In Revenge of Diaboromon, the viral Digimon returned with a shiny new form. Armageddemon is a massive Digimon whose power and size was so great that it could not be returned to the Digital World once it had escaped. It beat Omnimon, who defeated its previous form, and Imperialdramon Fighter Mode before the latter combined its power with Omnimons to kill it once and for all.

2/10 Ogudomo

This monstrous Digimon is the culmination of the sins of the digital world given life. It is based on the last beast described in the Book of Revelation, and each of its legs has a sword and seal representing one of the seven deadly sins. Like the beast, Ogudomon brings nothing but death and destruction in its wake.

This seven-legged Digimon is formed using the Seven Great Demon Lords of the Digital World as a base. Because this Digimon is said to contain the sins of the entire Digital World, and the ability to atone for them, it is said to be able to nullify any attack sent its way. Because of this, Ogudomon is said to be unbeatable.

1/10 Omnimon

Digimon has always made a point of portraying feelings of friendship and camaraderie as a source of power for both Digimon and digidestined. The love that a Digidestined has for their partner has been shown to push Digimon to the next level, allowing them to overcome any obstacle. This same bond was able to push two Mega level Digimon to a power level never seen before.

Omnimon was the franchise’s first DNA digivolution, and possibly the biggest. Formed using the power of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, Royal Knight stunned fans worldwide with their arrival and subsequent display of power. Since its initial arrival, Omnimon has made several appearances in anime, video games, and manga.

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