[100% Success] How to unlock iPhone without password or Face ID 2023

[100% Success] How to unlock iPhone without password or Face ID 2023

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There’s a common method for unlocking iPhones: the lock screen passcode. Face ID is used in the iPhone X and later, which is convenient, but can be problematic when it malfunctions. Face ID issues sometimes prevent users from accessing their iPhones. Both Face ID and the password may stop working. You will undoubtedly want to know how to get around unlocking an iPhone without Face ID or passcode because of this. Check out this guide to learn how to unlock your iPhone if your passcode or Face ID isn’t working for whatever reason.

Can you unlock an iPhone without passcode or Face ID?

Losing your Face ID or password on your iPhone can be annoying. If you can’t access your smartphone, you can feel helpless and unable to get important information. However, iPhone can be unlocked in several ways without passcode or Face ID. Three approaches will be covered in this article: using iTunes, using PassFab iPhone Unlock Software, and call Apple Help. You can regain access to your iPhone and gain valuable information and access using the following methods: Continue reading to learn more about unlocking an iPhone without a passcode and which method is best for you.

Unlock iPhone without Face ID or Passcode – PassFab iPhone Unlock [100% Work]

Are you trying to find a fast, secure and efficient way to unlock iPhone without Face ID or passcode? The best app to unlock iPhone without password or using facial recognition is PassFab iPhone Unlock. You can use the program to quickly unlock your phone. Recognize that no one wants to spend so much time trying various fads and hacks to unlock their iPhones. It is an advanced program that provides hassle-free access to your iPhone. The software is user-friendly and the entire process can be completed in just a few minutes. PassFab iPhone Unlock can remove various types of screen locks, including passcode, Touch ID and Face ID, without causing data loss.

The key features of PassFab iPhone Unlocker

Unlock an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with a locked, disabled or damaged screen.

Your iDevices can be factory reset without password or Apple ID.

Delete your Apple ID without verification or password.

Without a password, turn off Screen Time after a few minutes.

Fully compatible with the latest iOS (iPad OS 16), iPhone 13 and other devices.

Bypass remote management to avoid being monitored by others.

Fully functional with the latest iOS.

Steps to unlock an iPhone without passcode or Face ID

Step 1: PassFab iPhone Unlock must be downloaded and run on your Mac or Windows computer. Four key functions can be seen on the primary interface. Click “Start” there to begin, then proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Connect your iPad or iPhone to the computer running PassFab iPhone Unlock, then click the “Next” button.

Step 3: Put the software into recovery mode, or DFU mode, by following the on-screen instructions.

Guide to enter recovery mode

Guide to enter DFU mode

Step 4: To download the firmware package, select the file storage folder and click “Download.” Just upload the firmware manually if you have downloaded it.

Step 5: To remove the password after downloading, click the “Start Uninstall” button. Your smartphone will then be accessible without a password.

Video tutorial: How to unlock iPhone without passcode or Face ID [New]

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Unlock an iPhone without passcode or Face ID with iTunes

Apple suggests putting your iPhone in recovery mode and restoring it using iTunes to unlock it without a passcode or Face ID. Use iTunes to give it a try if you want to get around the iPhone 11 lock screen in an official way. The “Restore” option will be available in iTunes when you put your iPhone in recovery mode. But doing so will also lead to loss of important data.

Step 1: Open the latest version of iTunes on your computer, then use a USB cable to connect your iPhone;

Step 2: Restore iPhone directly if iTunes detects it. If not, Apple’s iPhone must enter recovery mode.

Step 3: A pop-up window containing “Restore” and “Update” options will appear. Click to restore.

Unlock an iPhone without a passcode or Face ID by calling Apple Support

Remember that passwords and Face IDs are created to protect users’ privacy on the device. The best course of action if you lose your password is to use Apple’s built-in solution.

With the instructions below, you can restore your iPhone:

1. A computer with iTunes installed should have the iPhone connected.

2. Start recovery mode on iPhone:

3. Select the “Restore” option to erase all data on iPhone and install the latest iOS software. All the data on your iPhone will be deleted if you restore it.

Hot FAQ about unlocking iPhone you should know

1. How long will an iPhone stay locked?

Answer: iPhone will always be locked. If you enter the wrong passcode on the tenth attempt to unlock your iPhone, Apple’s software does not provide a backdoor to unlock your iPhone. But with PassFab iPhone Unlock, you can still unlock your iPhone.

2. How do I remove the passcode from my iPhone without using a computer?

Answer: It is impossible to unlock an iPhone password without a computer.

However, you can remotely wipe the device and reset the passcode if you have synced your iPhone with iCloud and turned on the Find My iPhone feature. But you can unlock your iPhone without losing data if you use software like PassFab iPhone Unlock.

3. What are the disadvantages of bypassing iPhones?

Answer: Loss of certain functions can be caused by bypassing the security measures of the iPhone. Potentially voiding your device’s warranty and support, making it challenging to get repairs or technical support from Apple. Upgrading your iPhone to the latest iOS versions or installing new apps is challenging, and in some places it’s even prohibited.


Now you have learned the three best ways to unlock iPhone without Face ID or passcode. I hope you found it useful and managed to unlock your iPhone. Using iTunes or the recovery technique will cause you to lose important data. And the first option is passfab iPhone unlock. You can experiment and use the method that works best for you. I definitely have a preferred approach among them all, and that’s PassFab if you’re worried about the data, then PassFab iPhone Unlock can help.

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