15 Small Upcoming Singleplayer Games That Definitely Deserve Your Attention

15 Small Upcoming Singleplayer Games That Definitely Deserve Your Attention

2023 is just around the corner, and that means more games to look forward to! While your Starfields and Zelda’s will undoubtedly be the center of attraction when it comes to single player experiences, there’s no shortage of upcoming AA and indie games that look very promising at the moment – and it’s necessary to give them the spotlight they deserve. All that said, here are 15 upcoming single-player games that you probably didn’t know about, but definitely demand your attention.

Lost soul aside

Lost soul aside

Drawing inspiration from the likes of action games, developer UtilZeroGames’ upcoming Lost soul aside looks like a promising hack and slash game. Players take control of a warrior and a shape-shifting companion as they make their way through a world where technology and fantasy merge beautifully. The combat is fast and frenetic, and the visuals are absolutely stunning – which is why you should definitely keep an eye out for Lost Soul Aside when it releases in the near future.

Project: The Perceiver

the perceiver 3

One of the more recent announcements on the list, Project: The Perceiver can best be described as Ghost of Tsushima meetings Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Set against the backdrop of ancient China, the game follows an artist who dies moments before completing his masterpiece – but is brought back to life by a mysterious force who then embarks on a mission to save his country from invaders. The combat is stylish, yet methodical, and the open world looks gorgeous with stunning vistas and a grand sense of scale.

Project GRAY

project gray mentioned

Currently under development at In-D, Project grey puts you in the shoes of a native who has gained some special abilities thanks to an advanced civilization that has landed on its shores. Now it’s up to him to stand up to the aliens and drive them off this planet. Project GRAY started life as a one-man project and is still a long way from release, but it looks lovely with some dynamic gameplay that seamlessly pivots between traversal and combat.

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Mumbai Gullies

Mumbai devours featured

Mumbai Gullies is a story about the protagonist rising through the ranks of Mumbai’s underworld through different time periods. The game is open-world, so it seems reasonable to expect a number of surprises as you explore every nook and cranny of this faithfully recreated rendition of the Indian dream city. Mumbai Gullies has the potential to turn into a smash hit, and we really hope it does just that.

Airtight City 2.0

airtight city 2.0 2

Airtight City 2.0 sees players take on the role of a soldier powered by millions of souls, and if you find that premise interesting – wait until you see the game in action. The combat looks absolutely brutal with our armored protagonist seamlessly switching between weapons and abilities to make his way through hordes of enemies. Airtight City 2.0 doesn’t have a release date at this time, but stay tuned to find out more.

IGI Origins

IGI Origins

Toadman Interactive brings back a beloved franchise with IGI Originswhich looks like everything we want from a modern entry in the series. IGI Origins presents itself with a fresh coat of paint thanks to updated graphics, and its hybrid gameplay loop of action and stealth is sure to captivate players again when it releases for all major platforms sometime in the future.

The Moon Mystery

the moon mystery discussed

The Moon Mystery – at its core – is a game about uncovering the many secrets that lie undiscovered on the surface. Cosmonauts are asking some pretty intriguing questions about our race to the moon, such as what was the real reason behind the mad race to reach the moon. It’s pretty steeped in alternate history and sci-fi fiction, and the gameplay seems to pay equal attention to combat and exploration – which has us salivating for the final release.

Bramble: The Mountain King

Bramble: The Mountain King may seem like an ordinary adventure game at first glance, but upon closer inspection – you’ll soon realize that it’s so much more than just that. The story (which is inspired by dark Norse fables) sees you embark on a grand adventure to save your sister from dark threats that haunt these lands. The journey will be characterized by interesting scenery, giant threats and emotional story beats that should do Bramble: The Mountain King a game worth looking into.

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Little devil inside

little devil inside

Neostream Interactive Little devil inside has been a long time coming, and suffice it to say – it looks really promising. The trailers show our explorer characters going through an everyday personal life as well as an adventurous professional life while searching for monsters. The game will be open-ended and the minimalist cartoon art style will really draw you in.



Aftermath puts you in Charlie’s shoes as he trudges through a city in the vain hope of finding his daughter, all while dealing with the dangers of an Inhuman invasion. Aside from that, Aftermath will also put a lot of focus on Charlie’s own mental health issues such as PTSD, which will also have major implications for the gameplay. Aftermath looks really exciting and although it doesn’t have a release date yet – we’re really looking forward to playing it.

Vigilance 2099

Vigilance 2099 is about your player character collecting bounties to pay off large debts. Envoidant Studios’ upcoming action-adventure is steeped in references to famous works of cyberpunk art, but it also has enough flavor of its own to help set it apart from the rest of the pack. The visuals look gorgeous, and while gameplay details are currently scarce – Vigilance 2099 certainly has our attention.



Not to be confused with Project ILL from Clout Games, DISEASE is another upcoming and different survival horror experience from publisher ASDStudio. DISEASE is inspired by a classic horror fiction novel Dreamcatcher, it paints a bleak and dark world where survival seems unlikely – but you must trudge through all odds to stay alive. It looks absolutely brutal, and it’s currently set for a 2022 release date – although that will be updated soon.

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Where the winds meet

where the winds meet mentioned

About like Project: The Perceiver as we discussed before, Where the winds meet is an open-world action role-playing game set against the backdrop of ancient China. And it also tells a story that is deeply personal to the protagonist, as he faces a moral dilemma between upholding his code of conduct or using everything in his power to defeat his enemies. The battles and traversals look pretty quick, and they all culminate to form a dynamic gameplay progression that looks truly enchanting.



In so many ways, Pioneers looks like a true next-gen survival game. GFA Games’ paints a bleak world on the brink of destruction, and it gives way to interesting gameplay elements such as well-designed first-person combat, PvP elements, and base building among others. Pioner is coming to PC sometime in the near future and more details will be revealed soon.

Paranormal stories

paranormal stories

Digital Cybercherries are coming Paranormal stories is a collection of stories about people who went missing in a dark forest, and players must play through the footage of these footage to find out the mystery behind these disappearances. Paranormal stories uses a rather unique bodycam perspective, and the developers tease some disturbing horror elements that are likely to get on your nerves. And that makes us excited to know more about it and hopefully get to play it soon.

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