6 Ways Hackers Hack Your Smart TV and How to Avoid It

6 Ways Hackers Hack Your Smart TV and How to Avoid It

Today’s televisions are connected to the Internet and that means they have it many interesting features and options but also that they are at risk and that they can be attacked by hackers if we leave them unprotected or if we are not careful.

how can they hack you

The most common is that there some security hole on your TV, and which allows it to be attacked. For example, if you do not update to the latest version of the operating system. It happens like on phones or tablets: the installed version may have some vulnerability and hackers can take advantage of it.

But it could also be a mistake on your part. The TVs have the option of download apps. Or, in many cases, we download an APK and transfer it to the TV. If this application is malware, we will give all hackers free rein to access all personal data. Because it pretends to be an app that it isn’t and they trick you or because it’s infected, for example.

Your Smart TV has different ways of connecting, which means it can be attacked, just like any other device. Mostly through the Wi-Fi connection. If your WiFi network gets hacked because it’s not secure enough, it’s easy to break into your TV and get as much data as possible or damage it. Although the least of your problems if they hack your WiFi is that they hack your TV, they will have access to every device you have connected, so it will be convenient for you to use a good password for the network and to use a current security protocol. But your TV also has other types of connection options, such as e.g blue tooth. And through this method they can also hack you if it is always on and there is someone near you.

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Another option is that we infect it ourselves. As? A friend has given you a flash drive with a very interesting movie, and you connect it directly to the TV. If your flash drive is infected, you will quickly infect your TV.

In addition, they can not only be obtained with the personal data you have in the various applications or services, but also you should keep in mind that many current TVs They have a webcam or a microphone, and the most serious attacks can lead to your living room, bedroom or you being listened to.

how can you avoid it

With common sense, above all. Avoiding these attacks is easy if we are careful. As you can see, all of the above cases can be avoided. It is enough that you are careful with how you use the television, with what you connect to, with what you install, with what you watch, with what you connect to…

It is primarily recommended that you keep your operating system and all the applications you have installed up to date. In addition, as we have mentioned earlier, it is essential that have good overall security on your WiFi network. With this we will solve many of the possible problems that your TV may suffer.

wifi wpa2

But you should also be careful about what you connect or install. Don’t download apps that aren’t trustworthy or don’t seem trustworthy. read reviews, check for info and don’t download APK about which you do not have all the details. The same also happens with a flash drive: do not insert any flash drive or hard drive that you have been loaned without first making sure that it is free of malware and viruses.

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If you want to prevent, you can also install any antivirus available for Smart TV that will notify us in case of a threat or unreliable websites.

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