Add one of these holiday countdown widgets to your iPhone

Add one of these holiday countdown widgets to your iPhone

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If you listen carefully, you can hear the bells ringing: Christmasthe time is upon usand IIf you’re a fan of the holidays like me, you’ll want an instant countdown to the big one day, no matter how you celebrate. ONEand that is where some fun iPhone apps can help. These iPhone apps add a little bit off Christmas cheer directly to your home screen—aand when Christmas is over, you can use these apps to count down to other big events in your life, such as a upcoming trip.

Countdown widget

Let’s start with one of the simplest apps: The Countdown widget app has fun widgets with rounded fonts and graphics, which do It is easy on the eyes. It also has a live countdown—down to the other. You can create multiple countdowns, but you are limited to a single style for free version. I will recommend upgrade to the paid plan just so you can get the style that lets you add your own photo to the widget, making your Christmas countdown more personal.

Once you’ve created a new countdown, you should add the widget to your home screen. That the process is going to be the same for all the apps listed here: Tap and hold on an empty part of the home screen, then Press Plus button. Search for the Countdown app and select the widget style you will. You can then drag and drop it wherever you want. Tap the widget and select the event you want to highlight.


If you love pictures, you will love it Days app. It’s an image-based countdown app that lets you add popular holidays in an instant, including Christmas and New Year. But adding a custom countdown is also easy. Press the Add button, give it a name and go to the customization screen. The app’s coolest part is its integration with a free photo-sharing service called Unsplash. You’ll be able to see contextual images that you can add directly to the countdown, and they’ll display beautifully in full screen. You are free to add your own photos as well.

Add the Days widget (the medium size works best with images) and you now have a colorful reminder right on your home screen.

There ahead

There ahead is a beautifully designed countdown app with a great timeline view. You can add three events for free, but e.ga $1.49/month Plus subscription will unlock all restrictions and add new customization options. It’s also a one-time purchase of $29.99.

The flow of the app is quite simple. You add a title, date, icon, and you choose a color theme, like is added to the timeline view. Similar to the Countdown Widget app, Up Ahead relies on beautiful design and graphics rather than images. You can also add the widget to your home screen.


If you are a fan of the iPhone home screen aesthetics, you might use Widgetsmith already, with your own custom theme. If so, you don’t need to look for a separate app to add some holiday cheer to your life. Widgetsmith has a countdown widget where you can add an image, text and the countdown for the day.

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