Bayonetta: Best Weapon, Ranked

Bayonetta: Best Weapon, Ranked

Bayonetta is a fast-paced character action game where even the cutscenes try to kill the player. This is a franchise that is constantly improving itself. From encountering a giant axe-wielding angel on the side of a collapsing building to fighting a witch on an active moving missile. But with the release of the new Bayonetta 3, what better time to look back on the series and go through some of the best weapons the series had to offer?

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Starting at the beginning with Bayonetta 1. The only rules for this are that Pillow Talk or Rodin (the weapon) are excluded from this list. Just know they would be pretty high. While Jeanne is playable in this game and also has a list of weapons to choose from, they are all mirrors of Bayonetta’s and as such we will only focus on hers. That out of the way, let’s begin.


10 Odette


Freeze! Odette is the worst weapon on this list. The reasons are quite clear. It doesn’t do much. Its intended purpose is to freeze an enemy to take them out of combat for a short time or use them as a throwable item. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of kicks to do the job, and it’s not guaranteed that the enemy will even flinch. That means Bayonetta has to constantly mess and weave around an enemy who barely acknowledges her attacks just for the chance to freeze them for a handful of seconds.

But players can throw them too, right? Well yes. But surprisingly, it doesn’t do as much damage as you might think. The kicks needed to even freeze an enemy do virtually nothing to the opponent. Both the frozen enemy and the enemy they were thrown at simply walk away from the pitiful amount of damage as if it was just a wedge. All work and no reward. However, they are good for crossing through areas of lava. So that’s the silver lining. And hey, at least the back story in the game is pretty cool!

9 Kulshedra

Kulshedra (2)

A possessed whip that can… whip. That’s about it. Players are not given many options with this weapon. It has two unique combos, one of which can only be activated during a move causes Bayo to hit an enemy with demon hands, and the other just… whips.

It also has very little damage. Unless someone wants to finish off a certain Alfheim with this thing or throw an enemy around in someone else (which is admittedly fun), there’s just nothing here outside of style points. At least compared to the other tools in her arsenal. To be fair, it’s good for pulling you towards an enemy, but Umbran Spear and Afterburner Kick do that job too. Besides, she has weapons. It’s great for pulling those pesky wheel enemies off the ground and throwing them away. But in most cases, this lengthening whip just falls short.

8 Kilgore


It’s not just about the light and fast weapons. Those who prefer slow and heavy battles will find solace in Lt Kilgore. These rocket launchers deal a large amount of damage to anything unfortunate enough to be targeted. Talk about blast damage.

But what also elevates this weapon to this spot is its famous Kilgore flaw. Performed by switching to a Durga loadout, mash Punch or Kick, and switching back to Kilgore during the final animation, a barrage of rockets will shoot into the enemy’s face! And it will keep the speed of the normal weapon which is not slow as a brick. In fact, there are a few glitches available with these powerful rocket launchers. Even if it’s not meant to be, it’s useful! So it counts here too.

7 Durga


The durga is a pair of elemental claws said to house the soul of a mighty demon with a thousand arms. It probably won’t care if Bayonetta borrows two or four of them. The Durga’s main gimmick is that this weapon does not fire a projectile. It just explodes. In his lightning form, holding down the associated button will cause a large, electric shock wave that grows larger with each strike. And in its fire state it leaves flaming traps.

These things are powerful and almost live up to the hype the description gives them. The fire form is very slow and doesn’t have as many strings as other weapons, but makes up for it with traps and explosions. The lightning form is much faster, and borrows animations from Bayonetta’s weapon fighting styles. Also, yes. It explodes. With this, the player has the option of high damage with fast strikes or greater damage with slower strikes. Anyway, angels are blooming.

6 Said Fung

Sai Fung (2)-1

Need a little more Bruce Lee in your hack n slash games? Well, look no further than Sai Fung. Using a cheeky reference to Bruce Lee’s old childhood nickname, these trusty nunchucks are quick and easy to use. Sai Fung will occasionally fire wild projectiles in a random direction when using them, bouncing off both enemies and walls. But they are unfortunately missing in the claims department. But it’s OK! This just means that the player can further wail on their enemies.

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A light weapon that prioritizes fun over damage, this weapon is a blast for any player with a preference for light but fast melee. Or for people who want to hear the gun lady, even shout a kiai.

5 Onyx Rose

Onyx Rose

The Onyx Rose weapon from Bayonetta 1. Taken from the anime film Bloody Fate

These twin shotguns function similarly to the Scarborough Fair, and are projectile weapons for high burst damage. Holding the button will cause a powerful blast that wipes out smaller mobs in 3 shots.

But they’re shotguns, so while they dish out massive amounts of damage, they lack the amazing range of their pistol cousins. There isn’t much to talk about with these weapons. They behave similarly to the pistols, but make up for their lack of range with devastating close-ups. But one thing is certain. Having shotguns that shoot the souls of fairies is one of the most metallic concepts in gaming!

4 Scarborough Fair

Scarborough Fair

The old reliable standard and Bayonetta favourite, Scarborough Fair is possibly the most underrated of Bayonetta’s original arsenal. Sure, players can melee enemies and pistol whip them into oblivion, but their infinite range and decent damage make them the most versatile option.

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By holding down the attack button, you get more projectiles that pelt enemies to death and continue combos. It also provides a brief window for the player to relax and assess their surroundings while the guns are busy firing at whoever is in front of them. Missed shots also have a chance to bounce off platforms and hit the target anyway. So all in all these are pretty solid guns.

3 Shuraba


We would recommend not getting killed by her. Her sword captures the souls of its victims. The trusty Shuraba is one of the first unlockable weapons players get. Fast and powerful, this is not only one of the more beginner-friendly weapons, but also one of the more effective.

As one of the few weapons without the need to hold Attack for extra value, it’s a great tool for anyone jumping in from other hack-and-slash games. Because, well, it’s basically a sword. But if someone wants to go for extra style points, you can charge a powerful laser by holding down Lock On. And to top it all off, its evil web attack is utterly devastating to ensure none of Bayonetta’s enemies ever get back up.

2 Bazillions


Here we have Bazillions. Forged from a time far into the future, this cheeky reference to the Sega-made anime, Zillion, is quite powerful. The laser guns are very similar to Scarborough Fair in that they share the same combos. What makes these weapons so different is that they fire highly concentrated lasers. Laser weapon! Pretty cool, right? Well, they also have a higher chance of piercing through enemy shields.

Pull these things out when the other weapons just aren’t cutting it, and they’re sure to cut through anyone in their path. Placed on Bayo’s soles, they fire a series of rings instead when the player is tired of just seeing laser beams.

1 Pillow talk

Pillow talk

“Feels. We almost didn’t have time for Pillow Talk.” Pillow Talk is one of, if not, the the most powerful weapon in the game. But what is this weapon? Well, it’s a lightsaber. One that Bayonetta can charge up to become even more powerful.

Charged, this thing can tear through any opponent with just a few swipes. The range also extends to incredible lengths. It gets so much range that it even cuts through the floor! No one will be out of reach now! The only downside to this is that to get any use out of this, it needs to stay charged. This is also one of the few weapons in the game that does not have any unholy weaves available. But who needs them when they have the world’s largest lightsaber that cuts through shields and shreds enemies like paper?

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