Big clues about the game

Big clues about the game

This year’s Game Awards was a night that celebrated the great achievements of both indie and AAA developers in the video game industry. One of the biggest surprises was Supergiant Games’ reveal of Hades 2the sequel to their indie hit, Hadeswhich came out in 2020.

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The trailer revealed at the ceremony offers a glimpse of the game’s new protagonist, as well as gameplay that doesn’t deviate from its predecessor. It gives some important clues about the identity of the female lead, along with the story that will unfold. What is her connection to the previous game? Why is she fighting? And can she pet the frog?


6/6 Her eyes

supergiant the game awards sequel protagonist

While Hades 2its trailer does not feature Zagreus from the first game, the new protagonist resembles him in several important ways. She wears a wreath on her head and her dialogue has the same measured cadence as Zagreus.

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The most telling clue is in her eyes. The right eye is blue, and the left eye is red, mirroring Zagreu’s eyes. The evidence points to Zagreus and this protagonist being siblings. Supergiant Games confirmed this, calling her their own version of a figure from Greek mythology called Melinoe, who was supposed to be able to manipulate people’s dreams and drive them mad.

5/6 A new guide

A witch in dark clothes, a pointed hat, and with a mask over her face.

The beginning of the animated clip shows Melinoe dueling an enemy under the light of the moon. When Melinoe is unexpectedly attacked, and it seems she has met her end, the figure instead gives her a hand up.

The character appears to be a powerful, masked sorceress, one who guides her and assists as a sparring partner, similar to Skelly from the first entry. This is Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft and the Crossroads. She also offers some wisdom for Melinoe, reminding her that she shouldn’t be so hard on herself and that all she can do is learn from her mistakes.

Melinoe (right), with her weapons, and her mentor (left).

Footage from the trailer promises more of the classic hack-and-slash action that was incredibly satisfying in the previous game. The characters also establish the game’s main antagonist, with Melinoe’s rallying cry, “Death to Chronos.”

Chronos is the father of Hades and the king of the twelve Titans, who were powerful figures in Greek mythology. He rebelled against the gods, who thanks to Zeus defeated them and sealed them under Tartarus, the first zone that Zagreus must fight through in Hades. It looks like Melinoe is on a mission for revenge against him.

4/6 New faces

Moros, Doom Incarnate, with gray skin, bare chest, long blonde hair and antlers on his head, said to Melinoe:

Through Hades, Zagreus receives help from the gods of Mount Olympus. They offer improvements to his attacks and abilities, as well as some words of encouragement.

Hades 2 seems to have some new friends for the player and Melinoe to meet, including the god Apollo, who often spoke through oracles, and who has also been associated with the sun. Other new faces include Moros, who is a son of Nyx, the stepmother of Zagreus, and who set mortals on the paths to their deaths.

3/6 She can pet the frog. Ten out of ten.

You can pet the frog

In the house of Hades, the watchdog of the underworld, Cerberus, lays down beside his master. Before Zagreus sets off on a journey, Zagreus has the option to pet one of Cerberus’ three heads, as all players want to know if they can pet the dog.

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The opening animation shows a frog jumping out of the way of Melinoe’s fight with her mentor. Later, the trailer confirms that, yes, Melinoe can pet the frog. She is briefly shown giving it some love in an open area that has a symbol in stone on the ground. If Hades 2 following Hades structure, then this is likely Melinoe’s base of operations, and the frog is a friendly companion.

2/6 The light of the moon

A crescent moon peeks through the clouds.

The trailer for Hades 2 contains many references to the moon, from Melinoe and her mentor sparring under the moonlight to the crescent moon adorning her forehead and the shape of her sickle. The most telling image is when the camera shifts up to the moon surrounded by a magical symbol, and she proclaims “I was born for this.”

This evidence can be interpreted in two ways. It is a nod to her description in the Orphic Hymns as a moon goddess. It may also be a nod to her ancestor Selene, the moon goddess and daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia.

1/6 Zeus is held captive

Zues in chains in the dark.

It seems that this version of Melinoe will have Persephone as her mother and Zeus as her father in the story. Zeus appears very briefly in the trailer, but he is in the dark with his head down and bound in chains. After this excerpt, Melinoe utters the words: “Wait for me father. I’ll be there soon.”

From this moment and the fact that Melinoe is after Chronos, it appears that the Titan has taken her father in a coup against the gods. While Zagreus’ story was about reuniting with his birth mother, Melinoe’s story is going to have much higher stakes, not just for her, but for all of Olympus.

Hades 2 is under development, with early access planned for 2023.

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