Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2: Every Bonus Perk, Ranked

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2: Every Bonus Perk, Ranked

Benefits have been a staple Duty calls for years. Multiplayer has it as an important part of the gameplay because everyone plays differently and everyone benefits from different advantages. But, Duty callsits latest innovation enters Modern Warfare 2 (2022), where players can get bonus benefits.

Infinity Ward has been experimenting with the new system of Bonus Perks for Modern Warfare 2, where players will have an additional advantage that activates slowly over time. As of release, there are six bonus benefits. These perks are activated if the player gains points, thus rewarding them for aggressive and good play as they will leverage an advantage over others for the rest of the match.


6/6 Additional supply

Grenades are quite explosive, with the ability to cause great damage and death to opponents. There is a powerful explosion with them, and Modern Warfare 2 has a ton of deadly gear to choose from. With resupply, players will spawn with extra lethal gear, with charging every 25 seconds.

With Resupply unlocked at level 31, players will throw explosives as if they were fireworks. But mortals and non mortals are not the best as they absolutely cannot stop someone shooting the player constantly. Guns beat grenades, and two grenades won’t fix it. Although they can be thrown randomly for a chance at a kill, or through a window to get annoying campers.

5/6 Hard line

For the Killstreak fanatics out there, Hardline is a great choice. It reduces scorestreak cost by 125 points and reduces killstreak cost by 1 elimination. This can mean the difference between achieving the kill streak of the player’s ultimate wish and losing it for good. Everyone who has played Duty calls know how frustrating it is to lose a kill streak just one kill away from the finish line.

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Killstreaks can always turn the tide of warfare, and with an advantage that’s automatic unlocked at level 1, there will be much death from heaven. A UAV can help the whole team locate enemies, nothing will be as powerful as a large attack helicopter that wipes out anyone who dares to leave a building.

4/6 Focus

Recoil can be a disadvantage for many players, stopping their accuracy. However, the only thing worse than recoil is being relentlessly shot, causing the player’s camera to tilt in response. This wobble makes it harder to aim, and makes death inevitable. However, the focus can be unlocked at level 50, and players may find it easier to combat flinch.

Thanks to Focus, players will have one reduced amount of flinch when shot. This means that while aiming down sights, they can track the shooter better. Snipers also have extended breathing and can hold their aim longer without swaying.

3/6 Mocking

Spotter is a classic Duty calls extra benefit with a twist. With Spotter, players can see enemy equipment, field upgrades and killstreaks across the map and through walls. They’re highlighted, making them all the easier to spot, meaning players won’t just trip in front of a claymore and find themselves dead without legs, although they can since this bonus park unlocks at level 41.

Not only can players expose enemy equipment to their teammates, but they can also hack equipment, such as Claymores, Proximity Mines, C4, and Trophy Systems. Reversing the flow of lethal and non-lethal gear is a huge advantage, especially since nothing on the ground will be able to catch players off guard.

2/6 Cold-blooded

Another classic Duty calls perk returns with Cold-Blooded, a bonus perk that unlocks at level 28. With this advantage, players will be undetectable by AI targeting systems, as well as thermal optics. This can render some killstreaks useless. Players can just continue in the game as if there isn’t a deadly helicopter or turret gunning down teammates who aren’t cold-blooded.

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Cold Blood also does not trigger High Alert warnings. It does not highlight the player in enemy tactical cameras, Recon Drones or Spotter Scopes. This is a great asset for players who want to remain silent and deadly, and have no desire to be spotted on their sprints across the map to take out their opponents.

1/6 Fast hands

A staple of Duty calls quickly reloads weapons. With fast hands, players will have maximum speed and accuracy when it comes to throwing equipment, reloading weapons and switching weapons. This is close to an important bonus benefit. With the high-speed and adrenaline-filled matches from Duty calls, switching weapons and reloading quickly is essential for another fight ahead. Everything that can be obtained level 8.

Speed ​​is of the essence Duty calls unless players prefer the safety of hiding behind walls and sitting in corners. Therefore, Fast Hands is a reliable bonus park. It ensures that players don’t get stuck loading their weapon one bullet at a time while an army rushes towards them to resurrect them from the dead.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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