Champion of Champions 2022 snooker LIVE – Judd Trump meets Mark Allen for a place in the semi-finals after early wins

Champion of Champions 2022 snooker LIVE – Judd Trump meets Mark Allen for a place in the semi-finals after early wins

That’s us for the afternoon

Join us again at 18.45 GMT for more fun and games. Until then, peace out.

Mark Allen beat Joe Perry 4-2!

The champion of champions

Trump wins a scrappy match against Brecel to advance to Champion of Champions


“It’s a really good feeling when you’re so confident,” says Stephen. Snooker seems so easy and you think you’re going to clear the table every time you get to it.” Mark faces Judd Trump in tonight’s quarter-finals and I can’t wait.

Allen 3-2 Perry (60-7)

Mark makes this so easy.

Allen 3-2 Perry (13-7)

OK, here we go. Joe looks desperately around the table for a safety, but can’t find one, so he has a hack – and I mean a hack – in another right corner. He comes close and you’d expect Mark, given his form, proximity to the line and the two easy misses that gave away two shots, to sort things out from here.

Allen 3-2 Perry (0-7)

Joe swings a long red into the right corner knowing that if he misses it could be his last shot. But, as Stephen notes, he hits it so hard he leaves nothing behind, then a phone goes off. “Don’t panic, it’s taking longer,” says the judge, increasing the pressure. “Just answer it, tell them you’re on your way.” Anyway, Mark leaves another one over a right corner, a much easier one, which Joe clears before sticking the white one to the bulkhead and slamming home the brutally devilish red that makes him shy. All he can manage is a blue.

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Allen 3-2 Perry

Mark has scored almost twice as many points as Joe, and even if he misses the green, it’s not until he has 110 in the bag. He is one away.

Allen 2-2 Perry (55-0)

Mark gathers carefully, the cue ball does its bidding and with apparent joy; what a feeling that must be.

Allen 2-2 Perry (7-0)

We begin frame five with a long safety exchange, red spreads and two very close to the right corner – the first mistake is likely to be costly. But when Mark leaves one, Joe tries to catch it so thinly that he misses it completely and it should cost him.

Allen 2-2 Perry

I’m looking for batteries, but Joe gets the next chance, takes it, and while Mark has easily been the better player, he’s stuck in a best of three due to some really bad misses when he was inside.

Today’s timetable

13.00 – Group 1 semi-finals

Judd Trump vs. Luca Brecel (best of 7)

Mark Allen vs. Joe Perry (Best of 7)

19.00 – Group 1 final

Judd Trump OR Luca Brecel vs. Mark Allen OR Joe Perry (Best of 11)

Yesterday’s results

Group 3 semi-finals: Neil Robertson 3-4 Fan Zhengyi

Group 3 semi-finals: Kyren Wilson 3-4 Ryan Day

Group 3 final: Fan Zhengyi 6-5 Ryan Day


Fan Zhengyi recorded a brilliant 6-5 victory against an impressive Ryan Day in their Champion of Champions group final on Tuesday night.

Day had beaten Kyren Wilson 4-3 at the end of the afternoon match while Fan defeated Neil Robertson with an impressive comeback win, also 4-3, in the first match.

Speaking on ITV4, Neal Foulds said: “I think we are seeing someone improve before our eyes. He had gone off the boil. He’s back, he’s more dangerous than ever.

“This was a great game of snooker from two unlikely sources. It was fantastic.”

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Foulds believes that Fan has the mindset to take on the challenge ahead.

“He’s not afraid to hit somebody. He doesn’t want to be overwhelmed, he said.

“Don’t move!” – O’Sullivan tells entertaining stories about referees

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The champion of champions

Frustrated Trump feels ‘a bit down’ about ‘where snooker is going’


The champion of champions

“He’s not afraid” – Foulds praises Fan after statement win over Day


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