Cities that need a refresh after the Goths got a refresh

Cities that need a refresh after the Goths got a refresh

During a November 2021 Inside Maxis stream, some concepts were toyed with for a future NPC or Townie Update in The Sims 4. Bella Goth, Mortimer Goth, Dina Caliente and Nina Caliente and their future updated concepts were shown with some significant changes in facial features and skin tones. The project was called an ‘NPC Overhaul’.

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The first patch/update was released in May 2022, which featured the Goth family. Since the first update, no other households have received any changes in the updates that followed. While Simmers waits for more updates, there are other Townies and Sims that should be considered for overhaul inThe Sims 4.


6 The Caliente household

The Sims 4 Dina and Nina Caliente

The Caliente sisters appeared The Sims 2, The Sims 3, and The Sims 4, but the greatest difference between the repetitions of the twins is between The Sims 2 and The Sims 4. Their parents i The Sims 2 were Flamenco Caliente and Nighat Al Mahmoud, so the twins apparently have some Spanish and Arabic ancestry, giving them their deeper skin tones in The Sims 2. Although The Sims 4 supposedly takes place in an alternate universe where Katrina Caliente is their mother, and their skin tones can be freshened up to better reflect their past.

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It also makes little sense that Don Lothario is stated as Katrina’s boy toy, but he has no romantic relationship and very little friendship with her when he loads into the household. It would also be a very bad idea to try to date his girlfriend’s twin daughters while he was living with them. At least The Sims 2 Don Lothario lived by himself and 3 out of 4 paramours lived in different households.

5 Penny Pizza

Penny Pizzazz's billboard in San Myshuno, with career and fame level next to it

Penny Pizazz is an online A-lister, who is a level 8 in the social media career path that came from the City Living expansion pack. At this level, she would certainly gain some fame, and her fame level was not updated for the release of the Get Famous expansion pack.

She should be at least level 2 or level 3 fame, a Rising Star or a B-Lister, and she would possibly have moved into a nicer apartment by then. When the career panel opens, she also doesn’t have any of the 10 million followers needed for her next promotion. This makes no sense if she is already an Online A-Lister who is allegedly on top of the latest trends. Penny Pizazz deserves an update on her celebrity status and her apartment that reflects how successful she is.

4 Base Game Household clothing for hot and cold weather

Various base game Sims wearing randomly generated hot and cold weather outfits

The Seasons expansion pack introduced some weather to the game and the need for appropriate attire. While the Sims in later packs got their outfit updated, it seems that the base game Sims were left out when everyone else underwent the makeover.

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Base game Sims have been left with outfits that don’t fit their character or personality. Sometimes the generated outfits can work fine if the sim is just a background character, but if a player wants to play one of these households or use them in storytelling, these hot and cold weather outfits need to be refreshed.

3 Alexander Goth after update

An old Alexander Goth after the family refresh

The Goths had their refresh in May 2022, giving the family almost a completely new look. Bella, Cassandra and Alexander’s skin tones were updated, and the family got new facial features and a bit of a wardrobe makeover. Some players welcomed the update, as the new Goths reflect their canonical but alternate universe, even in the past The Sims franchise installments.

However, it seems that even after children, Alexander the Goths may have been forgotten. As players aged Alexander in CAS up to teenagers and above, his new look didn’t become as popular. Mixing two sims together doesn’t always produce the most favorable offspring results, but teenage Alexander Goth deserves a second look, to avoid players giving him a makeover every time they want to use him in gameplay.

2 Pleasant, broke and dreamy households

The Broke, Dreamer and Pleasant households alongside their old selves

AND The Sims 2 households are heavily involved The Sims 4 with some heavy editing, courtesy of the ‘alternate universe/timeline’ story that was made to fit their inclusion in the game without having the same stories and characters. The Goth, Caliente, Pleasant, Broke, and Dreamer households have reappeared in The Sims 4 Universe.

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While these The Sims 2 households have reappeared, some characters are missing. Mary-Sue and Daniel Pleasant, the parents of Angela and Lilith Pleasant, are missing. In fact, the parents of Dustin Broke and Dirk Dreamer, Beau Broke, and the unborn baby Broke are also absent, leading some Simmers to wonder where they would have fit into the lore of The Sims 4. The inclusion of these iconic characters would bring the stories and families in The Sims 4 richer in character.

1 Candy and Yuki Behr

Candy and Yuki Behr stand with the MySims trophy themselves in front of a fireplace

The Behr sisters live in the Get Together world in Windenburg. Candy is the cool DJ older sister, and teenage Sim Yuki has some hacking and gaming skills. Suppose Simmers try to collect MySims trophies, often found in mystery boxes from various fossils and dig points throughout the game. If so, they may come across two familiar names: DJ Candy and Yuki.

Refreshing the sisters’ appearance to reflect their MySims trophy selves would be a great way to connect them to some existing lore while being even more meta than having synonymous collectibles.

The Sims 4 is now available for Mac, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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