Cookie Clicker Cheats | all codes and how to hack the game

Cookie Clicker Cheats |  all codes and how to hack the game

Despite being a game that focuses heavily on clicks, there is a surprising amount of cheats available for Cookie Clicker.

Created by French coder Julien Thiennot back in 2013, Cookie Clicker does exactly what it says on the tin – tasks players with clicking cookies. Clicking gives you cookies that can be spent on resources, which in turn help generate more cookies in an endless game loop.

However, the hypnotic low-stakes game has captured the public’s imagination, to the point that there are now several cheat codes present in the game for those who unfortunately don’t have time for the cookie grinder.

However, remember that Cookie Clicker cheats are entered differently depending on the browser you use, so make sure you follow the correct instructions whether you’re using Chrome, Safari, or another compatible browser.

That said, let’s start generating cookies with a little helping hand – see below for all available Cookie Clicker cheats and how to use them, starting with links that jump straight to the guide you need.

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If you use the Edge browser, you must press F12 to open the cheat panel in Cookie Clicker. When you see it, copy and paste the code you want to use, making sure to insert the desired number in the appropriate place. Press enter when the code is ready and you should see the effect take hold.

If you use Firefox on a Windows PC, you must press Control, Shift and K to open the Cookie Clicker cheat console.

On Firefox for Mac, press Control, Option and K to open the Cookie Clicker cheat console.

Anyway, when you see the panel open up, all you have to do is put the code in the little text box, add any numbers that need to be added, and hit enter.

With Google Chrome on a Windows PC, you can access the Cookie Clicker cheat menu by by pressing Control, Shift and J.

For the MacOS version of Google Chrome, press Command, Option and J to bring up the Cookie Clicker hacking area.

In either case, the area you’re looking for should slide in, allowing you to enter codes to your heart’s content.

On Internet Explorer, open the Cookie Clicker hack zone simply by press F12. When you see it pop up, just type (or copy and paste) the code there, then hit enter.

On Safari, the way to cheat in Cookie Clicker is by tapping Command, Option and C. This will open the cheat area, where all you have to do is enter a code and then hit enter.

Cookie Clicker

How will you build your cookie empire? Julien Thiennot

Now let’s get to the main event, the big list of Cookie Clicker cheats that you might want to use. The full list of Cookie Clicker cheats is included below for your perusal!

And here is one top tips for all newbies: you don’t need to include the triangular brackets. Instead, put the number or word you are looking for in that place. And don’t forget to press enter when the code is ready, otherwise you won’t see the benefit.

Want to get rich (on cookies) as soon as possible? You can try these cookie-generating cheats if you have a specific goal in mind:

  • Game.Earn(); – Earn as many cookies as you want on top of your current total
  • Game.cookies=1000; – set the total number of cookies to whatever number you want
  • Game.cookies= Game.cookies + ; – adds the desired amount of cookies to your current total
  • Game.cookiesPs=; – sets your cookies per second amount

And here’s a list of all the other cool hacks you can enable using Cookie Clicker cheats:

  • Game.Achievements[‘<achievement name>’].won=1; – unlocks the achievement you want
  • Game.Ascend(1); – go up to a heavenly room and transform your cookies into Heavenly Chips and Prestige
  • Game.AscendTimer=; – change the ascent timer
  • Game.bakeryName=”“; – enter a name for your bakery
  • Game.bakeryNameRefresh(); – update your bakery name
  • Game.BuildAscendTree(); – build the ascent tree
  • Game.buyBulk=<1/10/100>; – changes your X# purchase amount
  • Game.CalculateGains(); – calculates gains
  • Game.computedMouseCps; – calculates the mouse’s CPS (mouse cookies per second amount)
  • Game.computedMouseCps=<ønsket mus Cps beløp>; – change the mouse Cps
  • Game.dragonLevel=; – set your dragon level
  • Game.gainLumps(); – add as many lumps as you like
  • Game.Has(‘‘); – check if you have a certain achievement
  • Game.killShimmers(); – removes all shimmer
  • Game.LoadSave(); – load a saved file
  • Game.LoadSave(local); – load a local save file
  • Game.localStorageGet(Game.SaveTo); – save your game locally
  • Game.MaxSpecials(); – get the maximum number of special offers
  • Game.Milk = ; – change the amount of milk
  • Game.milkProgress = ; – change your milk supply
  • Game.mousePointer=0; – change the mouse pointer
  • Game.particlesUpdate(); – update particles
  • Game.popups=0; – Remove game popup notifications
  • Game.RuinTheFun(1); – Unlock everything)
  • Game.santaLevel=; – set the game’s Santa level
  • Game.sesame=0; – turn sesame on or off
  • Game.SesameReset(); – reset the game
  • Game.SetAllAchieves(1); – unlock all achievements
  • Game.SetAllUpgrade(1); – get all upgrades
  • Game.Win(‘‘); – another way to unlock an achievement of your choice
  • Timer.track(‘milk’); – allows you to track the milk timer

If you think you might be seeing bugs in your game, it’s also worth knowing these Cookie Clicker troubleshooting codes, posted in the same place:

  • Game.DebuggingPrestige=false; – debugs your prestige
  • Game.debugTimersOn=<0 eller 1>; – turns the debug timers on or off
  • Game.DebugUpgradeCpS(); – debugging your upgrades Cps
  • Game.GetAllDebugs(); – get all possible debugging
  • Game.HardReset(2); – hard reset your game

And that’s all we have for you today when it comes to Cookie Clicker cheats. We hope you have fun, and don’t get too obsessed with getting your numbers up!

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