Corner hack for inswingers and outswingers that sees you score every time

Corner hack for inswingers and outswingers that sees you score every time

Two videos show FIFA 23his latest corner tactics and mistakes have surfaced on Twitter and unsurprisingly have since gone viral.

User @BPM_Animal regular post FIFA-related content, and now he’s added two corner guides that show players exactly how to score from corners, both direct and indirect.

The first video gives instructions on how to score directly from a corner “if your opponent moves the goalkeeper”.

How can you score directly from a corner on FIFA 23?

When taking a swinging corner, use “full crease just below the low ball option” while aiming “around the center of the six-yard box.”

According to the video, if you use “full force” on the strike, it will lead directly to an impressive goal.

Video: Scoring live from a corner on FIFA 23

This is how you easily score from a corner in FIFA 23

BPM_Animal’s second video is for a “new crushed corner tactic” that makes it easy to score indirectly from a header.

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This time, however, it must be a swinging corner. You need to push the “right stick all the way to the right and just below the “low ball” option, while again adding “full power.” This leads to a fairly easy header just outside the six-yard box.

Video: Easy way to score from a corner on FIFA 23

FIFA 23 release

FIFA 23 was released on September 30 to much fanfare, with EA claiming that it registered over 10 million players in its first week. This makes it the biggest launch period in FIFA history.

The game has received generally good reviews, although online it is often a mixture of complaints and praise.

IGN gave the game a 7/10, calling it “smooth and dramatic.” Metacritic, meanwhile, gave it a score of 76, but the user score is a weak 2.2, indicating a low opinion among the average gamer.

The first few weeks after a new FIFA release are often plagued by bugs and gameplay glitches, and it looks like FIFA 23 is no different.

Still only two weeks after release, EA needs to polish its flagship title, uploading regular updates on both PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game. Players can expect similar glitch and tactic videos to appear for some time to come.

What happens to FIFA after FIFA 23?

Unfortunately for fans of the franchise, FIFA 23 will be the last FIFA game created and published by EA. The partnership between Soccerits governing body and the renowned video game company will end after the Women’s World Cup in the summer of 2023.

The two parties were unable to come to an agreement on the future terms of their partnership, with FIFA reportedly asking for double the current license fee of $150 million.

The next EA football game will be titled ‘EA Sports FC’, although the two parties have not ruled out working together again in the future.

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