Cyberpunk 2077: Best Cyberdecks and Where to Get Them | Hacking guide

Cyberpunk 2077: Best Cyberdecks and Where to Get Them |  Hacking guide

Cyberdecks are powerful weapons in the right hands. These devices help V to let loose magic spells on enemies – you can detonate grenades in bad hands, set them on fire, mess with their weapons and much more. Quickhacks are one of the best ways to deal damage Cyberpunk 2077, even better than blasting everyone with the biggest gun you can find. And some Cyberdecks turn your regular choom into an unstoppable agent of pure destruction. We’re here to show you which Cyberdecks you need to unlock first.

The cyberdecks listed here are luckily pretty easy to come by. If you have eddies, you can buy them very early in the game. They aren’t cheap, but that’s the price you have to pay for Legendary Cyberdecks. Both decks cost $35,000 spins – so do lots of quests, save money or just cheat your way to riches. Either way, you don’t have to search all of Night City to get these. Just go to the sellers listed below.

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Best Cyberdecks | Location guide

There are two cyber decks that are particularly powerful in Cyberpunk 2077. These killer hacking tools can easily wipe out entire groups of enemies from safety to cover – you’ll need a lot of vortices to buy them, but they’re worth the price.

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Here are the two cyber decks you need if you want to become a real hacker.

Netwatch Netdriver Mk. 5

One of the best quickhack cyber decks in the game. Increases the damage of all quickhacks, and increases the spread distance of Contagion, making it even more effective – combined with the ability to attack even more targets with quickhacks. Contagion can be used to automatically wipe out entire groups of enemies in an area with this cyber deck.

  • placement: Sold by Brønnspring Ripperdoc for $35,000
  • Effects:
    • Offensive Quickhacks can be loaded up to 3 targets within a range of 6 meters.
    • Increased damage on Quickhacks by 30%.
    • Increases cyberdeck RAM regeneration rate by 9 units per 60 seconds.
    • Increases quickhack spread distance by 60%.

Tetratronic Ripple Mk. 4

-With the right talents and +damage, Contagion can take out entire groups of enemies.

Tetratronic Ripple Mk4

-Best DPS for Ultimate Quickhacks. Fast upload time. Make System Reset / Detonate Grenade even better.

One of the most powerful Cyberdecks in the game, this increases the load time and RAM cost of Ultimate Quickhacks, and even allows them to spread to nearby enemies. Makes Detonate Grenade and System Reset incredibly powerful.

  • placement: Sold by Nina Kravitz the Ripper doc in Westbrook for $35,000.
  • Effects:
    • Ultimate Quickhacks can spawn once.
    • Reduces the RAM cost of Ultimate Quickhacks by 3.
    • Reduces quickhack loading time by 75%.
    • Quickhack cooldown reduced by 45%.

Don’t miss out on these Cyberdecks. If you need help making money, check out this Easy Swirl Farming Guide.

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