Diablo Immortal Fans Are Angry Over Clan Bug Compensation

Diablo Immortal Fans Are Angry Over Clan Bug Compensation

Diablo Immortal players are complaining of feeling “insulted” by Blizzard’s meager compensation for a bug caused by its whale-friendly server merge.

While Blizzard’s ongoing attempts to merge Diablo Immortal servers are aimed at improving the gameplay of the popular action RPG, some dedicated players are now reporting that the move is ruining their experience. Combining the game’s infrastructure led to an error that resulted in a number of clans being deleted. Not only does the change appear to be irreversible, but someone is affected Diablo Immortal players are now also complaining about meager compensation in the game which is “more insulting than no compensation at all.”


After this week’s server maintenance that took place on Wednesday, Blizzard began merging select Diablo Immortal serve on a continental basis. The move was announced earlier this year, with the gaming giant stating that the mergers are rooted in an effort to improve matchmaking times, among other benefits. Just like many of the most popular free-to-play titles out there, Diablo Immortal is a game for whales, but it currently suffers from success in the sense that some of the highest paying customers are unable to get into matches after spending thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars, thus surpassing the vast majority of the player base. .

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While Blizzard correctly anticipated that the server merge would lead to both player and Shadow Clan name collisions, the system it designed to automatically resolve these issues by adding numbers to the affected monikers to avoid duplicates now appears to be failing. Some clans are being deleted, and some players are even reporting that they were unable to regroup on the new servers, as well as losing progress towards community activity rewards. Unlike the error that caused Diablo Immortal players lost millions of XP earlier this year, the affair prompted Blizzard to compensate the affected players, although the compensation it is sending out appears to be sweet at best, as a Reddit user has now revealed.

Regardless of the unintended problems caused by the ongoing server merge, Blizzard is absolutely certain to continue combining its infrastructure until its most valuable customers can once again enjoy the game with reasonable matchmaking times. From a business perspective, the company simply cannot allow cases where players who spent $100,000 cannot enter matches.

Looking at the bigger picture, Blizzard’s freemium hack-and-slash RPG remains a huge success. The latest figures from industry watchers suggest that Diablo Immortal already earned over $300 million, and immediately became one of the highest-grossing games of the year, five months after its release.

Diablo Immortal is now available on Android, iOS and PC.

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