Dying Light 2 Christmas Event Live with Nutcracker Bundle and more

Dying Light 2 Christmas Event Live with Nutcracker Bundle and more

Dying Light 2 is hosting a festive zombies event, and players can earn the Nutcracker Bundle DLC for free by participating.

Dying Light 2 has started its latest event to celebrate the winter holidays with new enemies, weapons, cosmetic rewards and more. Dying Light 2 players can earn the Nutcracker Bundle DLC for free by participating in the event, and there is also a community reward when players collectively reach a milestone to collect gifts.

Since Dying Light 2its release earlier in 2022, Techland has continued to develop post-launch updates and events that address bugs, add new content and celebrate seasonal occasions. Events such as Dying Light 2‘s Bloody Summer often comes with community objectives that task the player base with achieving certain milestones in exchange for rewards. Meanwhile, free DLC like Footsteps of a Nightrunner has added new story chapters that expand the game’s narrative along with new bounties and time trials.


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The new Winter Tales event for Dying Light 2 has a festive hunt for new enemies including Naughty Bolters, Naughty Helpers and Uncle Snows. Special daily and weekly bounties will require players to hack away at these holiday-themed horrors in exchange for a variety of rewards. Players should also be sure to visit Baka the Unlucky at the bazaar to purchase some “Holiday Surprises” for the duration of the event. The Winter Tales event will run from December 22nd to January 5th, which should be plenty of time for the community to hit the 6 million gifts milestone and unlock the Bauble Mace.

Equal Dying Light 2‘s Halloween Event earlier this year, the game also launched a mini-DLC with cosmetics and a special weapon. The Nutcracker bundle can be purchased for $2.99, but players can also earn it for free by participating in the Winter Tales event. The bundle comes with a Nutcracker Outfit, Nutcracker Paraglider and the Nutcracker Saber which boasts increased durability and an increased chance to decapitate or cut limbs. Players who missed out on earning the free pack from the previous Halloween event can still purchase it in the store.

With the recent release of a detailed map editor and the promise that Dying Light 2 mods coming to consoles, Techland seems committed to improving and expanding the game for the foreseeable future.

Dying Light 2 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X with a Nintendo Switch version also in development.

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