ERROR143 Codes – All backdoor passwords!

ERROR143 Codes – All backdoor passwords!

Aren’t the best things in life free? Well, why not introduce that sweetness to your favorite mobile game by grabbing one of those ERROR 143 codes under. These alphanumeric combinations give you a wide variety of free stuff in the game, allowing you to get a little faster without spending a dime. The best part? We’re constantly scouring the internet for new codes, so if you bookmark this page and check back often, you’ll never miss a thing.

ERROR143 is a visual novel with tons of amazing artwork. The main premise is rivalry turned into love in the wild world of hacking.

There are currently 3 different endings to reach. Hack into your friend’s computers to see what secrets they have – you might discover something you wish you didn’t have.

You can learn more about it at the game’s official Steam page. If you’re looking for more freebies, check out ours Survive the Slasher Codes, Miko Era: Twelve Myths, and Anime Journey Codes.

ERROR143 Codes

Last checked for new codes on December 20.

Active codes/passwords

  • Chochi – 99B50D (New!)
  • Crocnapping – 4PPLEB0TT0MJ43ANS (New!)
  • Faranesque – PASSWORD1 (New!)
  • Jennyan – TAPER (New!)
  • Kroh – SE?V=DQW4W9WGXCQ (New!)
  • Luka – HOMOSEXUAL (New!)
  • Ma-Rina – KINIKILIG (New!)
  • Mationette – HOTDOG (New!)
  • Nine – 12345 (New!)
  • Odreru – AMEN (New!)
  • Ohn – BLUBBU (New!)
  • Rei – POOPHEAD (New!)
  • Tofu – SWAGLORD (New!)
  • Tora – SOUP (New!)
  • Xavi – LURKER (New!)
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Expired codes/passwords

  • There are no expired codes for this game at this time.

ERROR143 Password

In ERROR143, the codes are the passwords! Codes work a little differently in this game, so they are classified as passwords. These passwords can be used to hack into NPCs’ computers to discover their deep dark secrets.

ERROR143 Codes FAQ

Now we’re going to answer a bunch of questions you might have about ERROR 143 or codes in general.

What are codes?

Codes are how developers and publishers distribute freebies to their communities. They usually take the form of a combination of numbers and letters that you redeem in the game to get free stuff.

These freebies can take many forms, from in-game currency, to skins, to boosts. They often come around big events, like launches or updates, and stick around for a little while before expiring.

Are ERROR143 codes the same as passwords?

In short, yes! Passwords in ERROR143 work in the same way as codes. You put them into the game and redeem them for extra content.

How do I redeem ERROR143 codes?

Redeeming codes is very easy in ERROR143. Just follow these steps to get your free parts:

  • Start ERROR143
  • Continue through the game until you have a list of “Contacts”
  • Click on the “Hack” button found below the list of names
  • Click the “Backdoors” icon on your computer’s in-game desktop
  • Copy a code (or “password”) from this guide
  • Paste the code into the text field and click “Enter”

Why is my code not working?

There are several reasons why your code won’t work when you try to redeem it, but these are the two most likely:

  1. The code has expired
  2. You have already redeemed it
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The vast majority of codes that developers give out have an expiration date, and they don’t often reveal when this is. We do our best to maintain this list with only new codes by checking them regularly, but sometimes we don’t notice that a code has expired.

It’s worth paying close attention to which codes you’ve also redeemed, as in most cases you can only redeem them once per account.

Where can I get more codes?

We’ll keep this article updated as often as new codes are introduced, so we recommend bookmarking this page and checking back often. That way you never miss out on free stuff.

If you are determined to go your own way, you can follow the developer’s official Twitter page to occasionally get codes directly from the developer.

What is ERROR143?

ERROR143 is an exciting visual novel with some absolutely stunning artwork. The main premise is rivalry turned into love in the world of hacking. There are currently 3 different endings to reach! Hack into your friend’s computers to see what secrets they are hiding.

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