Final Fantasy 7 Reunion Best & Worst Things

Final Fantasy 7 Reunion Best & Worst Things

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion remasters a game that launched in 2008 in North America for the PSP. The original, and this remaster, serve as a prequel story to the events of the original Final Fantasy VII and technically is and is not connected to the new remake universe.

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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion is about Zack Fair in his rise through the ranks of SOLDIER. He fights monsters for Shinra, in Shinra, and has his inner demons to fight as well on his way to becoming a hero. It’s the shortest synopsis imaginable for this dramatic prequel to one of the series’ most popular mainstays. Let’s see how this remaster shapes up.


6/6 Best: A nostalgic cast

Zack and Yuffie in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

One of the best things about the original release was getting to know Zack’s backstory. He was a mystery in Final Fantasy VII with barely any presence. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion helping to fill in the gaps on not only him, but the war with Wutai, and how Shinra operates as an organization.

Familiar faces in addition to Zack also have a good presence such as Tseng and other members of The Turks as well as Sephiroth. Even the ability to fight Summons is a cool character change from the main game. It’s a nostalgic ride that also has some genuine surprise cameos that won’t be spoiled for those who never played the game originally on the PSP.

5/6 Worst: A slowdown with interruptions in the middle scenes

A cutscene featuring characters in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

It was great to play the original version on the PSP since a lot of the game’s mechanics were designed around portability. The small missions, for example, can be tackled with quick minutes of playtime, which is how portable RPGs should be. What held it back then remains an annoyance with this remaster.

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The main missions are overflowing with poor pacing. Players will fight a battle, take a few steps to trigger a scene, and then the process will repeat. A lot of the general story is a little weaponized. Character interactions are fun to watch, but the narrative has a lot of fat that could have been trimmed for a tighter experience.

4/6 Best: A fun action system

Battle enemies in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

It can be said that Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is based on the action system in the remake of Final Fantasy VII. However, the remake is more like it is based on this game as well as other recent action entries in the series along with the wild spinoff that is Kingdom Hearts. It’s easy to see why the remake took inspiration from the original Crisis core since it’s a good battle system despite the general hack-and-slash bit since Square, on PlayStation consoles, will get spammed a lot.

It’s not as fluid as an action game like Bayonetta 3, but it’s still fun. DMW, or Digital Mind Wave, has its ups and downs as a game mechanic. The cool part is getting boosts like infinite periods where using AP and MP is free, or special attacks like Limit Breaks.

3/6 Worst: How you level up

Battle enemies in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

The bad part of DMW is that it controls when players level up. It’s one of the most backwards leveling systems in an RPG, and Square Enix could have fixed it with this remaster. Zack will gain experience the more he fights in battle, which is like a traditional RPG.

However, this experience bar is invisible to players. Once a threshold is reached, they will have a random chance to score 777 in battle to level up Zack. It can turn grinding, which is almost mandatory, into a weird guessing game, and that’s never fun.

2/6 Best: A more diverse material system

The Materia Fusion menu in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

The Materia system i Final Fantasy VII was like a more streamlined version of the Magicite system from Final Fantasy 6. It was a good system that was improved in Crisis Core thanks to Materia Fusion. In Chapter 3, when Zack becomes a first-class member of SOLDIER, he will gain access to the Materia Fusion Lab.

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Fire and Blizzard Materia can make Thunder Materia, as a very basic example. Playing with combos is one of the most addictive parts of the original experience. That’s another reason why the combat system is so well remembered despite the one-button mashing of Square for basic attacks.

1/6 Worst: Not much was added after the graphics

Battle enemies in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

The graphics in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is close to remake of Final Fantasy VII and they look amazing compared to the PSP models. That’s pretty much the only thing Square Enix did for this remaster, which is actually huge. However, the game could have used more bells and whistles to justify its re-release. The CG clips, for example, are grainy and blurry because they weren’t repaired.

They don’t have the same impact they once did as the graphics in the game now look better in many ways. New missions or a multiplayer mode could have gone a long way along with an easy mode for RPG beginners. A tweak to the leveling system almost feels like a given, but they beefed up that aspect. Something to tie the game into the remake trilogy would have been good too. Overall, it’s a good remaster, but it could have been so much more.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion was released on December 13, 2022, and is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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