“F**k, no!” – IShowSpeed ​​freaks out when his PC gets hacked on live stream

“F**k, no!”  – IShowSpeed ​​freaks out when his PC gets hacked on live stream

YouTube Gaming star Darren “IShowSpeed” wanted to play a scary game during his October 7 broadcast. While installing the game, the PC’s operating system alerted the streamer that the game could potentially be a virus.

He launched the malicious program, despite Windows warning him that he was installing dangerous software.

Soon after, Darren’s PC was hacked live on the stream, and he began to wear himself out. After seeing how his desktop started working, the former Twitch streamer loudly exclaimed:

“Oh no! F**k, no! No, no, no, no! F**k! No!”

IShowSpeed ​​begins to panic after his PC is hacked live on stream

During the final moments of the YouTuber’s latest broadcast, Darren wanted to install a game called Monoxider64 and claimed the game was “very scary.” Before starting the application Speed ​​said:

“This game might be scary already. I’m scared to open this file, bro. This is some illegal crypto, dark-web s**t, bro. Illegal, crypto, dark web. Okay, bro. Let’s see .”

The PC’s operating system alerted the content creator that he could open a malicious file and that the application could cause damage to his device. IShowSpeed ​​did not care about the warning, as he said:

“I don’t care anyway. I’m Speed, baby! ‘Warning, you have run a trojan known as Monoxide.exe. This has the full capacity to delete all your data on your operating system. By continuing, you retain Remember that the creator does not will be responsible for any damages caused by this trojan. It is highly recommended…’ chat, they are trying to troll me. Ayyo chat, are they trying to troll me?”

Timestamp: 02:31:09

After the streamer observed the software’s latest warning, Darren responded:

“‘Are you sure you want to drive this?’ We ain’t no punk! I ain’t no punk! Are they trying to troll me? Come on, bro! Tell me what you can do, baby. “Last warning, bro, I ain’t ab*tch, bro. Come on! I’m ready! What now?”

Another popup appeared, saying that IShowSpeed ​​made a “terrible decision,” and soon enough his PC started behaving strangely. The desktop began to malfunction, which immediately freaked out the YouTuber. He questioned his decisions:

“Oh, f**k. No, no, no, no. What did I do, bro?”

iShowSpeed ​​started to panic as soon as loud music started playing. A few minutes later he picked up the phone and called the police:

“Got to call the cops, man! Gotta call the cops! Gotta call the cops! Oh my God! Oh, wait. Are you okay? Wait, are you okay?”

After the policeman recorded the call, IShowSpeed ​​explained the situation:

“Sir, I think the police have it; I think my PC has been hacked. My PC has been hacked! My PC has just been hacked, it’s just finished! My PC has been hacked! Yes, PC -mine’s been hacked! My PC’s been hacked, it’s been hacked!”

Fans react to the YouTuber being hacked

The YouTube comments section contained more than 300 tab reactions, with one viewer speculating that Darren must have a “room full of computers” since he always ends up breaking one every day:

Fans in the YouTube comments section react to the streamer's viral clip (Image via Speedy Boykins/YouTube)
Fans in the YouTube comments section react to the streamer’s viral clip (Image via Speedy Boykins/YouTube)

IShowSpeed ​​​​is one of the fastest growing streaming personalities of 2022. He started his live streaming career on Twitch.

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Ever since he was permanently banned from the Amazon-owned live streaming platform, Darren has switched to YouTube Gaming. He has amassed more than 11 million subscribers on his main channel.

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