Google Wallet to Allow Users to Share Digital Car Keys: Availability, Importance, and More

Google Wallet to Allow Users to Share Digital Car Keys: Availability, Importance, and More

Google has recently announced several new features for multiple devices, including Android smartphones, Use the OS smartwatches, Google TV and more. Apart from these devices, Google has also upgraded some of its native apps and services. Among these is Android’s Google Wallet the app has also got a new feature that will help users share digital car keys with other people. At Google I/O 2021, the company announced that it was working on a feature that will allow users to unlock their vehicle with a digital car key stored in their Android device’s Wallet app for the first time. Now the tech giant has made this feature official for US customers.
Digital Car Key Sharing: Availability
The possibility of digital car key sharing is currently only available to US users. This feature is available on some select devices, including Google’s Pixels 6 and 7 series and Samsung’s Galaxy S21 and S22 series and will only support limited car models.
However, Google states that the feature will soon be added to more devices running Android versions 12 and above. This means that more Pixel devices as well as phones from a few other brands could also get the feature soon. More phone manufacturers are expected to adopt this technology in the coming days.

Sharing digital car keys: How it works
Digital car keys are the digital version of the physical keys that unlock your vehicle. These keys enable users to unlock their vehicles with a simple tap on their phone. Digital keys can also be used to turn on the car’s ignition. However, to do this, users must be within the device’s NFC range. These digital car keys can be stored in your Google Wallet app and users can now also share them with others.
Car owners will also be able to control other people’s access to their cars at any time through “the phone’s digital wallet app.” This means that the key sharing options in Google Wallet will also allow users to revoke access to anyone at any time.
Sharing digital car keys: Important
This new technology has the potential to completely replace physical car keys in the coming days. The new car key sharing feature can come in handy in situations where a friend or family member needs access to the user’s vehicle.
With this technology, Android users will be able to hand over a digital copy of the key. However, it is important to note that the person they are sharing the digital car key copy with must have a Pixel (or Samsung) device running Android 12 and above or a iPhone.

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