Here are the best PC gaming deals in Fanatical’s 10th Birthday Bash sale

Here are the best PC gaming deals in Fanatical’s 10th Birthday Bash sale

Ahead of the big wave of Black Friday 2022 and holiday sales, Fanatical is holding its 10th birthday sale, with a whole host of deals and various price drops on several games, including both pre-orders and existing releases. As an added bonus, you’ll also get the choice of a free mystery gift when you spend over £9 on a single order.

We’ve rounded up some of the best picks and then some, including a less than £10 deal on all four Batman Arkham games, plus a cheaper price for the upcoming survival horror remake of Resident Evil 4.

A few of these deals – namely those that are existing releases – have an expiration date of nine days from now, while the pre-orders are set at these prices apparently until launch, barring changes from Fanatical themselves.

Batman Arkham Collection

Arguably the best deal on this list, you can get the Batman Collection – including Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Knight – for just £6.49, an incredible deal for some of the best superhero games going. If you’re a fan of Batman – or just any action game in general – this is a deal you won’t want to miss.

For those who don’t know, the Batman Arkham games are their own standalone releases based on the popular DC character that not only tell well-written stories, but also allow you to explore and mess around in an open world full of stories and secrets that link to the larger Batman universe as a whole.

Arkham Origins, which is not included in this bundle, is also on sale for £3.29, meaning you can get the full Arkham quadrilogy for less than a tenner!

Far Cry 6 Gold Edition

Far Cry 6 is an FPS set in the open world playground of Yara, a – as the description reads – “tropical paradise frozen in time”. You can use a wide variety of weapons and equipment in an attempt to fight back against a subsequent revolution started by one Anton Castillo – played by none other than Giancarlo Esposito, known for his incredible performances in both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

This special deal lets you pick up the game in all three versions – Standard, Deluxe and Gold. Standard will give you the base game on its own with all free post-launch updates included as a downloadable update, while the Deluxe Edition throws in three additional pieces of downloadable content (DLC): Jungle Expedition, Croc Hunter and Vice.packs.

The Gold Edition, on the other hand, includes the base game, the aforementioned DLC packs, and the game’s season pass, and unlocks three additional pieces of content each focused on villains from previous games, including Vaas from Far Cry 3. This edition also chucks in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon as a bonus, otherwise included as a stand-alone purchase or part of the season pass.

Resident Evil 4

Is this your first time or will you be returning? Whatever your answer, Resident Evil 4’s European village invites you to one of the highest rated survival horror titles of all time, now recreated from the ground up in Capcom’s RE Engine – the development engine behind the last few Resident Evil titles. year. As a now more experienced Leon S. Kennedy, it’s your job to save the president’s daughter, surviving the nightmare along the way.

This remake of Resident Evil 4 won’t be released until March 24 next year, but Capcom has already shown various gameplay bits, shared some details, talked about its “reimagined story and modernized gameplay” and the return of the iconic Merchant.

With the deals available on Fanatical, you can pick up the game in both Standard and Deluxe variants – the latter containing bonus costumes, accessories and weapons on top of the game. Pre-ordering both brings its own bonuses, with the Deluxe Edition featuring additional case designs and in-game charms.

Devil May Cry 5 + Vergil

Continuing the theme of Capcom games for a moment, don’t miss this deal for one of the best action games of the last generation. Devil May Cry 5 is a relentlessly replayable and fun hack n’ slash action game that has a huge amount of freedom in combat depth and choice.

With multiple playable characters, as well as this version’s included Vergil character pack, you’ll have access to two different playthrough options, with the option to take any of the four characters of your choice into the game’s “Bloody Palace” mode, a collection of 101 floors of enemies and boss fights to challenge you.

You have two options to choose from when purchasing the game – the standard purchase will get you the game and the Vergil DLC together, while the Deluxe Edition will include the content of the standard edition, as well as the Deluxe content which includes several music tracks from previous games to be used in battle, ​​​​alternate versions of weapons, costumes and more.

But hurry, as this offer expires in just over two days!

Fate 2: Fall of Light

Destiny 2 can be a challenging game to know when is the best time to jump in, but there’s usually no better time than with one of the annual expansions – with Lightfall just under four months away, it looks set to be the next release right worth checking out, especially as a new player.

This is underlined by Bungie’s announcement of a new system called ‘Guardian Ranks’ as a way to help players progress through the ranks of content and activities, while showcasing and explaining various systems and aspects of the game that are not currently clearly communicated. Although the specifications of this system have yet to be announced, it suggests that Lightfall will be a good time to jump in for new and returning players.

There are two versions of Lightfall you can pre-order through Fanatical – the standard edition includes the expansion and one season pass, while the Annual Pass edition includes the expansion, all seasonal and dungeon content for the following year, as well as a few extra in-game bonuses.

Additionally, Fanatical has the other DLC packs cheaper than MSRP right now, including the latest expansion, The Witch Queen and last year’s 30th anniversary pack, as well as the first three expansions in one collection – good as a collection of content to start with!

Other offers worth checking out

There are plenty of great deals live on Fanatical besides the ones we’ve listed above, so below are some other great deals worth checking out:

For more great deals like this, be sure to check out and follow us on Jelly Deals on Twitter. Black Friday is also fast approaching, with some retailers already launching their early sales, so be sure to check out our coverage in our guide to the best early Black Friday gaming deals.

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