High on Life: Every Weapon and Gatlians Explained

High on Life: Every Weapon and Gatlians Explained

Published: 2022-12-13T12:17:32

Updated: 2022-12-13T12:22:08

Gatlians are the badass alien weapons that chronicle your journey through High on Life, but how many are there and what makes them stand out? We have a breakdown of each weapon in High on Life, as well as their unique abilities.

High on Life is the latest fresh take on the FPS formula from Rick and Morty mastermind Justin Roiland, and he’s brought his signature humor to the genre by partnering players with a variety of fun and deadly talking weapons.

Each new alien gun, known as Gatlians, is different from the last, and comes with its own tailored abilities and prickly personality. Let’s take a look at each weapon in High on Life and what makes each Gatlian unique.

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Every weapon in High on Life

There is one a total of five weapons to pick up in High on Life, each offering the player a devastating array of attacks and special abilities. These include four talking weapons that fire various projectiles, and a useful knife with a particularly bad attitude.

We’ve listed all Gatlians in High on Life below:

  • Kenny
  • Knifey
  • Sweezy
  • Gus
  • creature

High on Life explained the Gatlians


Kenny in High on LifeSquanch game

Kenny is the first companion you’ll find in High on Life, acting as the traditional gun to ease you into the game’s combat. He also offers the Glob Shot alternate fire option which emits a deadly explosive shot to send helpless enemies flying through the air.

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Oh, and if he sounds suspiciously like Morty from a certain Adult Swim show, that’s because he’s voiced by Justin Roiland himself.


Squanch game

Of all the High on Life weapons, none seem to enjoy killing as much as the Knifey. He serves as your only melee option throughout the game, perfect for hacking away at enemies if they get too close.

Knifey is also a makeshift grappling hook that is essential for solving the many small puzzles scattered around each level and for taking down the tougher bosses.


Sweezy in High on LifeSquanch game

Any fan of the Halo series will feel right at home when they meet Sweezy. Her primary fire is virtually identical to Needler’s, firing sharp pink projectiles that build and build before stunning enemies with a huge explosion.

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She also comes with a handy Time Bubble ability that can slow down enemies mid-fight, or aid traversal by keeping fans in place, making Sweezy one of the most interesting High on Life weapons.


Player using Gus in High on LifeSquanch game

Every High on Life weapon is brimming with personality, but none more so than Gus. Voiced by the legendary JB Smoove, he definitely falls on the friendlier side of Gatlians you’ll meet.

Gus is also your trusty shotgun, ideal for dishing out heavy damage at close range thanks to his slimy tentacles.


Playing with Knifey and Creature in High on LifeSquanch game

Last but not least, we have the most bizarre High on Life weapon to discover – the Creature. As if carrying a talking gun wasn’t weird enough, this Gatlian brings some even smaller allies along for the ride.

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Creature can launch several of these little blue monsters to jump on enemies and start tearing them apart with their sharp teeth, perfect for thinning the pack when presented with a large amount of armed aliens.

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