How is AI used in cricket? Is it used in IPL?

How is AI used in cricket?  Is it used in IPL?

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Is the chatbot safe? Can chatbots be hacked? – Vishal Reddy, Bengaluru

Most chatbots are reputable and just as secure as other apps and websites. On chatbots, information is protected by security mechanisms such as encryption, data editing, multi-factor authentication and cookies.

Hackers can attack chatbots and turn them into “evil bots”. The ultimate goal is to scan the other bots on the network for exploitable weaknesses. When the bot service or the framework that secures user data has been infiltrated, data theft can occur.

Why do we need AI in healthcare? -Muthulakshmi Reddy, Chennai

AI can increase the productivity and efficiency of care delivery, allowing healthcare organizations to provide more and better care to more individuals. In addition, AI can improve the experience of healthcare professionals, so they can spend more time managing patient care and minimizing burnout.

How is AI used in cricket? Is it used in IPL? – Natarajan, Hyderabad

AI gives them information about the last ball they bowled. They learn the speed and distance it traveled before it bounced. In addition, there are advantages for pipes. They can accurately track the strike rate thanks to AI.

Coaches in the Indian Premier League (IPL) can use artificial intelligence to find players during the pre-season player auction. They can also keep track of sophisticated information such as a player’s market value and whether or not they would be an excellent addition to their team.

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How is AI used in justice? – Bommu Sunder, Mumbai

Criminal justice and law enforcement agencies use artificial intelligence and automated decision-making (ADM) technology. These systems are often used to profile individuals, “predict” their behavior and determine their propensity to engage in particular behaviors, such as committing crimes, in the future.

Is AI used in politics? Can an artificial intelligence, for example, learn political theory? – Joseph Vikram, Sri Lanka

There are many applications for AI in the government. For example, we can use it to promote public policy goals (in emergency services, health and welfare) and facilitate public interaction with the authorities (through virtual assistants, for example).

Similar to how an unsupervised AI can distinguish between fiction and non-fiction novels, an AI using LDA can extract important topics from a collection of classic writings on a specific discipline (in this case, political theory).

What is Content AI? What is SEO? – Japan Gudiya, Nepal

A machine creates AI-generated content on your behalf. AI content typically describes written material such as blog posts and marketing copy. AI content producers require human input such as a description, request or parameters.

Text AI can help you incorporate relevant keywords into your content, headings and meta tags. In addition, it helps you answer questions that users regularly ask search engines. Including these recommendations can significantly increase the visibility of your content in search engine results for relevant keywords.

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