How to Clean Bathroom Mold: I Tried the Viral Cotton Pad Hack – Review

How to Clean Bathroom Mold: I Tried the Viral Cotton Pad Hack – Review

Bathroom mold can be a pain to remove, especially when it gets embedded in the sealant around the tub or shower. For renters like myself, the investment in resealing the bathroom is not an option, and I had been bothered by the dark spots since we moved in. I had tried all kinds of things to remove the marks from our white sealant, but it was a cleaning hack by TikTok cleaning expert Cristina that really made a difference.

The method

In a viral video on her @cleanwithvania page, Cristiana showed viewers how to get rid of mildew marks in just “15 minutes.”

To do that, Cristina used Astonish Mold and Mildew Remover spray and enough cotton pads to cover the moldy areas.

She sprayed the mold spores with the spray and let it sit for “15 minutes” before covering the area with cotton pads.

She then gave a final spitz on top of the pillows. Cristina said: “[Then] remove the cushions and dry.”

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Finally, rinse the area thoroughly to get rid of any mold and mildew spray residue. The hack was well received online, with commenters saying it “worked wonders” for them.

A viewer named Noshi said, “I’ve tried the same hack to remove mold stains and build-up, it removes everything, even the stubborn dark mold stains.”

After seeing such a positive response from others, I decided to test it out for myself and see if it really could bring the bathroom seal back to its former glory.

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The results

While I didn’t have any Astonish brand mold and mildew remover, I did have a similar product by a different name. I also grabbed a pair of rubber gloves to protect my hands while handling the mold.

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I started by spraying the mold and mildew remover on the affected area, as instructed by Cristina, and then placed a regular cotton pad on top of the patch. I topped the pillow with another spritz of mold and mildew remover and let it sit for 15 minutes.

I then simply wiped off the product and any loose mold and rinsed the area with fresh water. To be honest, I was a bit hesitant as to whether this hack would work considering that the mold seemed to sit deep in the sealant.

However, I was pleasantly surprised by the results. The hack is not a miracle worker and there are still faint spots where the mold used to be, but they are far less noticeable and eventually the sealant is white again.

Of course, the best way to deal with this problem is to reseal your bathroom, if that’s an option for you. But as a quick 15-minute fix, I would definitely recommend the hack.

Top tips for trying this hack

If you want to test this hack yourself, I would recommend trying it on a very small area first to make sure the product doesn’t cause damage to any material.

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You should also make sure to protect yourself from spores with goggles, long rubber gloves and a mask that covers your nose and mouth.

When dealing with mold, open all windows for ventilation and keep doors closed to prevent spores from spreading to other parts of your home.

The NHS recommends that you only remove mold if it is caused by condensation and covers an area of ​​less than one square metre. If mold is caused by problems such as sewage or contaminated water, you should contact a professional.

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