How to earn Halo Rings in Bayonetta 3

How to earn Halo Rings in Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 players will face many formidable enemies during their adventures in the hack-and-slash game.

Using the power of darkness and demons, the Umbra witch, Bayonetta, must slay these opponents as she moves through the chapters of the main campaign.

Every gamer knows that getting cosmetics in a game is important as it allows them to dress up their characters as they see fit. For Bayonetta 3, these cosmetics can be unlocked by using Halo Rings.

Halo Rings can be obtained by defeating Angels in Bayonetta 3

Halo Rings are a special type of currency that Bayonetta 3 players can use in Rodin’s Treasure Shop. Players can obtain them by defeating special Angel enemies in the game. This is without a doubt the best way to acquire the currency.

Tracking angels is not the easiest thing to do. However, there are a few ways players can hunt them down and get some Halo rings.

Farming Halo Rings in Bayonetta 3

The use of Verses is one of the ways players can find angels in Bayonetta 3. Verses are special challenge matches that players can participate in to get special rewards.

To find angels easily, players need to make sure they are in Chapter 2. Once there, they need to walk right along the train tracks to find a verse.

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After walking a bit, players will see a verse, which appears as a yellowish light on the ground. When they find the light, they should interact with it. This will trigger a battle involving two angels.

Players will get 1500 Halo Rings for defeating each angel. This means they can get a total of 3000 Halo Rings by killing both enemies.

The best thing about this farming method is that players can simply exit the game after defeating the angels. They can then log back in and repeat the entire process again, scoring another 3,000 Halo rings. This can be repeated as many times as a player wishes.

Farming Halo Rings through mini-games

In order to unlock this method of farming Halo Rings, players need to progress much further in the game.

Players must complete Chapter 12 of the main campaign to unlock (and then complete) Side Chapter 4. After completing Side Chapter 4, they will be able to unlock mini-games with Jeanne.

After unlocking the mini-games, players must head over to Rodin’s Treasure Shop. Upon arrival, they will be able to select a new mini-game mode, which will allow them to play three arcade scenes. If players beat these stages, they will earn Halo Rings.

Halo Rings can be earned with patience and time

With enough time and dedication, players will be able to build up their staff of Halo Rings in Bayonetta 3, which they can then use to unlock cool cosmetics. Although it may take a while to get the currency, the grind will be worth it.

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The game is currently available for exclusive play on Nintendo Switch.

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