How to join the enclave

How to join the enclave

Enclave is one of the 35 factions in Fallout 76, which gives members access to three Nuclear Sites along with other benefits. The only downside is that the organization does not recruit openly, which makes it quite challenging for newbies to apply.

However, there is actually one easy way to join the enclave early in the game and take advantage of the membership bonuses; this guide explains everything.

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How to join the enclave faction in Fallout 76

To become an Enclave member, find the Whitespring Access Card in the Abandoned Waste Dump and talk to MODUS, the AI ​​that runs the Enclave facility. Basically, complete the Bunker Buster and One of Us missions to join the faction. This is how you get each part done.


Bunker Buster: Find the Whitespring Bunker Card

picture showing the abandoned waste landfill in fallout 76.

The quest to join the Enclave starts with the Bunker Buster mission.

  • Go to the abandoned dump. It’s on the far east side of the map.
  • Cross the fences and enter the cave.
  • Look for Agent’s body. Keep turning left in the cave until a dead body appears.
  • Grab operational summary – Blackwell Holotape.
  • Search for Deathclaw Nest in the cave.
  • Get Bypass Holotape from the nest.
  • Play Bypass Holotape in the broken elevator.
  • Turn off the Laser Grid. Throw the circuit breaker in the laundry room, open the air duct above the generator, and activate the power line in the vents upstairs.
  • Locate the dead senator’s office.
  • Unlock the hidden safe. Enter the numbers written on the scattered documents into the keyboard until it accepts one.
  • Grab the Whitespring Bunker Card. It is behind the painting of a ship.

image showing how to solve the keyboard puzzle in the bunker buster mission.

Players with hacking skill level 3 can disable the Laser Grid on the Whitespring Bunker without a manual system security reset.

One of Us: Complete MODUS missions

image showing mode and ai companion, in fallout 76.

With the access card in hand, go to Whitespring Resort and enter the bunker. Talk to the AI ​​manager, MODUS, and accept the new missions. These quests determine whether the player deserves to join the enclave. And here’s how to get them done.

  • Hack the SigInt system terminal. At the Signal Intelligence Base, take out the Protection Watchers and Robobrain Tacticians to reach the control room and insert the tape into the terminal.
  • Reconnect the Enclave satellite. Go to the National Radio Research Center roof and attach the satellite module to the panel. Finally, return to the Whitespring Bunker and report to MODUS.

Once the One of Us mission is completed, MODUS promotes the player to an official Enclave member and grants them access to other bunker sections.

After fixing the module during MODUS’s satellite mission, do not leave the roof immediately. Instead, wait for a meteor-like package to crash and loot it for two precious Beacons: Orbital Scan and Orbital Strike.

How to become an enclave general

Ranking up to an enclave general is fine. Complete the Office on Deck mission at Camp McClintock and earn 10 awards afterwards. A general has access to three nuclear silos (Site Charlie, Alpha and Bravo) and can trade with the top suppliers of Whitespring Bunker.

Players have four ways to earn praise: killing legendary creatures, completing extermination operations, robot patrol missions, and resource drop missions.

To level up to Enclave General faster, farm Scorchbeasts at Fissure Site Prime. This helps to earn the required honors as quickly as possible.

How to get X0-1 Power Armor at the Enclave Base

image showing the x0-1 power armor plan at the enclave bunker.

After achieving Enclave General status, go to the Armory at the Whitespring Bunker in the Military Wing. Turn on the archive terminal (the red computer), open the schematics archive and read the Prototype Power Armor Schematic. This file unlocks the X0-1 Power Armor, which can be crafted at a workbench.

Fallout 76 is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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