How to know if your iPhone has been hacked

How to know if your iPhone has been hacked

You can’t always know if your iPhone was hacked, as malicious apps can run in the background. Hackers look for certain loopholes and weak points on the phone to get in. They use security vulnerabilities to get into your phone, spread malware and steal data.

iPhone developers constantly release security updates to fix such vulnerabilities. Updating your phone to the latest version is the best way to prevent such hacks and data theft. So you should check your phone regularly for updates to prevent attackers from hacking into your iPhone.

However, there are some general ways to tell if you’ve been hacked. In this article, we have compiled a list of methods to check if you have been hacked and how to prevent them in the future.

How to know if iPhone is hacked?

The most common sign of a hacked iPhone is unusual activities on your phone that you didn’t do. Hackers may have hacked your phone and may steal your data or spy on you. Here is a list of some other common ways to detect iPhone jailbreaking.

High data consumption

data usage iphone 1

Attackers can steal your data and send it to their own private servers or computers. They can share your data through background processes that can use a lot of data. You can check your mobile data usage on your phone by going to Settings > Cellular and scroll down to MOBILE DATA.

However, you can’t check your Wi-Fi data usage on iPhones or other iOS devices. You need to download third-party apps that can track your data usage at the right time.

Slow phone

The most common sign of a hacked iPhone is that your phone is significantly slower for no reason. Attackers can use the phone’s processor to fulfill their own interests. They run applications in the background that slow down your phone significantly.

You may also notice faster battery drain and heating. Your phone may use more power or heat up when you use heavy programs such as games or graphics apps. However, if your phone heats up even when idle or using it normally, it could be a sign of a hacked phone.

Unknown calls and texts

unknown calls

Your phone may also be compromised if you detect random texts and calls from your phone. A couple of texts or calls to your recognized contacts may not be a problem as this can happen from faulty pocket discs. However, if there are a lot of calls and texts to random numbers, it may be a matter of concern.

Unknown app downloads

Hackers can also install unknown applications on your iPhone. The app itself may be malicious, or it may just be a method to fulfill their needs. They can use the app to install more malware on your phone.

LED indications

LED indication

Newer iOS has a feature that lets the user know the service is in use. A small indication at the top of the screen appears each time a respective component is used. An orange dot indicates the microphone, green indicates the camera, and an arrow indicates placement.

This feature can be useful for detecting unauthorized access. If you see these indicators turned on for a long time even when you are not using them, it could be a sign of a hacked phone.



If you see random pop-ups on your phone, it can also be an indication of a hacked phone. This could be the result of a malicious program running on your iPhone. These pop-ups usually advertise their personal apps or websites.

Unknown purchases

If you have your payment information stored on your phone, hackers can use that information to make personal purchases. iOS has a wallet app that takes care of payments and records your card information.

If you use this app to make any kind of purchase, hackers can also use that app from the hacked phone to steal from you. In such a case, you should immediately call your bank to inform them about it.

Unknown activity on social media

Social media has a huge influence over today’s population. Attackers can use your personal social media accounts to promote their own. If you see any unknown posts or messages on your social media accounts, your account may have been hacked, or even your phone itself.

You must immediately change your account password if you suspect any kind of breach.

How to prevent iPhone from being hacked?

The only way to stop hacks is to be careful while handling unknown links and files. Do not open any links sent to you unless you know what the file is about. But there are many other ways hackers do to gain access to your personal phone. Here are some things to keep in mind if you want to prevent others from hacking into your iPhone.

Do not jailbreak iPhone

Jailbreaking is the process of unlocking your phone’s root system files and making them accessible. This is usually done to adapt the phone’s operating system to the user’s preferences. It gives the user more control, but also leaves your phone vulnerable.

So jailbreaking your iPhone might not be the best idea unless you are sure of what you are doing.

Be careful about downloading malicious files

Download virus

Hackers usually gain access to your phone through malicious files. They can attach or disguise themselves as useful media to get into your phone. To prevent this, only download media or files from trusted sources. If you are suspicious or unsure about files, it may be in your best interest to avoid them altogether.

Avoid using public Wi-Fi

wifi without routers

Some hackers also use Wi-Fi to get malicious files into your phone. So you should be careful when connecting to public or unknown Wi-Fi, especially those without a password. Simply avoiding public Wi-Fi is a good idea to prevent network-related attacks.

Avoid using public charging ports

Public charging docks are ports that you can use to charge your phone in an emergency. That’s the only reason you should consider using them. Hackers can connect the charging hub to their own devices and then hack into your phone. They can steal your personal data or insert malicious programs into your phone.

Disable pop-ups

Pop-up windows are a form of advertising that appears when you browse websites. You may mistakenly click on them while browsing the internet, which may download unwanted/malicious files to your iPhone. You can disable basic pop-ups from your browser settings. For the Safari browser, you can disable pop-ups by going to Safari in the iPhone settings.

Add passcode on iPhone

add password

Adding passcode on iPhone is the most basic and important part of security. If you don’t already have a password, you should definitely consider adding one. A password will prevent unauthorized access to the phone.

You can also enable two-factor authentication for your apple ID to prevent hackers from directly accessing your email accounts. Adding these simple methods will greatly improve your phone’s and Apple’s security.

Delete suspicious apps

Although Apple only allows verified applications on iOS, some applications can disguise themselves as useful apps and install malware on the iPhone. You may not always know or detect such applications, but in case you suspect an app, it will be safe to delete it completely.

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