How to print text messages from an iPhone

How to print text messages from an iPhone

  • You can print text messages from your iPhone in several different ways.
  • There is no Print command in the Messages app, but you can copy messages to an email message and print or save it.
  • You can also print a long message conversation using one of several third-party apps for Windows or Mac.

Texting can feel fleeting when you’re texting back and forth throughout the day, but the reality is that your iPhone remembers your chat history. You can review the entire text thread at any time and print the messages as well. In theory, at least.

While you can print text messages from your iPhone, there’s no easy one-tap way to do it, and you’ll usually need to buy a third-party app to get the job done.

How to print text messages from your iPhone

It is technically possible to print text messages from your iPhone for free, but the process is manual and quite time-consuming. To do so, find the chat you want to print, and starting at the bottom (the most recent chat), press and hold the message until you see a pop-up menu. Press Copy. Then open the Mail app, create a new email, and tap and hold on the body of the message until you see the pop-up window. Select Paste. Now switch back to the Messages app, copy the next message in the chat, paste it into the email, and repeat the (potentially very long) process until you’ve created a long email with the entire text chat. You can now print or send the email.

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It’s an easier process: using a third-party tool, you can copy an entire conversation with a single click and then save or print it. There are a number of apps that can do this, including iMazing, Decipher TextMessage, and EaseUS MobiMover. All of these apps will work, but here’s how to do it with iMazing.

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer via a USB cable and unlock the phone so that the computer can access the data.

2. Install iMazing and launch the app.

3. Click on in the pane on the left Messages. If you don’t have a recent backup of your iPhone on your computer, iMazing will prompt you to perform a backup now. Click Data access only to save time and then click Next.

iMazing for Windows.

You’ll probably need to back up your iPhone in iMazing so that the app can read your text messages.

Dave Johnson/Insider

4. Enable encryption if you want – this is optional – then click Start. The backup will take some time.

5. When the backup is complete, scroll to the conversation you want to print.

6. Click Print to print the entire text chat in graphical form, complete with bubbles, or click Export to text to save it in a more space-conscious format.

iMazing for Windows.

Select the conversation you need and choose to export or print it.

Dave Johnson/Insider

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