How to use Auspex and Data Interrogator in Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

How to use Auspex and Data Interrogator in Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

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Most of the missions in Warhammer 40,000: Darktide require the team to hold out against an enemy attack while transferring vital data from the combat zone. These are some of the most intense battles in the game, all the more dangerous due to the unreliable nature of Imperial technology. New players also get no instructions on how to fix an Auspex that appears in the field!

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If your first encounter with an Auspex or a Data-Interrogator left you scratching your head as the forces of chaos closed in on you, this guide will prepare you for the next time.

How to use an Auspex

warhammer 40k scanner

If a mission requires it deploy a Servo-Skull to scan the area, you’ll soon need to use Auspex. Follow the Servo Shell as it floats around the area; when it emits a pulse of blue light, it has reached its target.


Once the search area is determined, you will be able to equip your Auspex. It’s in slot four of your loadout, and can only be used when a Servo-Skull is active.

Hold the secondary fire button and the Auspex screen will show glowing orbs. Using the Auspex as a radar, track the location of the bullets. The best way to do this is to align yourself so that a sphere is in front of youthen run a few meters before scanning again.

When you are close to the scan target (usually within melee range), the orb will glow brightly and the Auspex will beep repeatedly. Look for an object nearby lights up while scanning. This can be anything from a corpse to a container to a stain on the floor, so don’t give any items away!

Once the target is identified, hold the primary fire button until Auspex can properly scan the object. This takes a few seconds, so make sure there are no enemies on your way! Once all scannable objects in the search area have been identified and analyzed, return to Servo-Skull to upload the data.

In most missions, the Servo-Skull will move to a different area, where you must repeat the process before continuing.

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How to use a data interrogator

hacking mini game

When the team needs to hack a computer system, you have to do it deploy data interrogators at one or more targets. When all the necessary equipment is in place, a timer starts. Once it is complete, you will be able to move on.

Occasionally throughout the match, a computer interrogator will crash, stopping the timer and demanding that one of the party members restart it manually. The malfunctioning device will be highlighted with an objective marker and make a repetitive beep sound when you are nearby.

Interact with the Data-Interrogator to bring up a screen. A square marker will move left and right over the screen. When aligned with the glyph highlighted in orange, press the primary fire button. If the time is correct, the cursor will move to the next line down. Otherwise, you take a step back. Once you have entered a successful input on the bottom line, the Data-Interrogator will restart and the timer will resume.

The glyphs on the screen may look like they matter, but they have no meaning to the puzzle – only the highlighted glyph matters, regardless of how it looks.

Restarting a Data-Interrogator takes several seconds, although executed perfectly. A teammate should always stand by while someone fixes a device; getting hit while solving the puzzle pulls the party member out of the interface, forcing them to start over.

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