I’m an arcade pro and there’s a trick to always winning at the slot machines – you’ll never waste your money again

I’m an arcade pro and there’s a trick to always winning at the slot machines – you’ll never waste your money again

WINNING a teddy bear on a crane machine is a notoriously tough challenge.

But that bitter disappointment is about to be banished thanks to one expert hack.

There's a chance you'll win every time with this handy hack


There’s a chance you’ll win every time with this handy hackCredit: TikTok/@arcadefriends
They say their hack gives the claw a strong grip


They say their hack gives the claw a strong gripCredit: TikTok/@arcadefriends

Gone are the days of throwing away all your twenty pennies and coming home empty-handed – a TikTok page called Arcade Friends has revealed a simple two-step method for packing a cuddly toy.

According to the experts, timing is the key to stopping the slippery claw from dropping your prize.

The video, which has over 250,000 views, begins with a demonstration of a popular grappling machine.

The text reads: “Some people don’t know the secret of double tapping the claw machine.

“Look at my hand to see how I double tap…”

First you see the cameraman press the button once to lower the claw over the selected prize.

As the claw closes over the little pink bear’s head, he double-presses the button.

“This gives the claw a strong grip and prevents it from rotating too far,” he writes.

The claw is seen lifting the teddy bear by the head and sliding over the top of the glass box before dropping the prize into the bucket.

It’s a revelation for fans of arcade games, who can end up spending tens or even hundreds of pounds trying in vain to win a cuddly toy.

Usually, players find that the claw loosens its grip and cannot lift the toy more than a few centimeters.

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But with this hack, we all can have a chance to win.

TikTok users have gushed over the revelation, with one exclaiming: “BEST TIP! Doesn’t guarantee victory but increases your chances.”

A second gushed: “This really works.”

And a third replied: “I did this when I was younger and got a plushie by the patch.”

This is not the only faucet hack on the TikTok user’s profile.

Arcade Friends has hundreds of video tips to help players win big on every try.

In one clip, they show the “tag trick” – aiming one of the claw’s three prongs to hook a teddy tag – and according to the expert, it works every time.

Another video tells players to aim for the far corner of a round teddy bear instead of the center, as there’s a better chance of moving it where there’s thinner material.

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One grateful viewer responded to this clip: “That’s why you’re the best claw machine/UFO catcher account.

“You have real techniques and skills instead of just getting lucky with claw machines.”

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