Instagram is rolling out new features to further help users keep their accounts secure / Digital Information World

Instagram is rolling out new features to further help users keep their accounts secure / Digital Information World

In today’s technological world where online threats keep increasing by the second, you can never be too sure about your security.

This is why leading apps like Instagram take extra precautions to ensure that users’ accounts are as secure as possible. That’s why Instagram recently launched a new series of features that can help users keep their accounts more guarded than before.

You can find the news on the app’s support page, which is new and is called ‘instagram.com/hacked.’ This is where app users can go when their account has been compromised, as they want to report issues and take additional steps to regain access to their personal accounts.

After accessing the site, users select through a list filled with as many options as indicate a particular problem they are facing. From being hacked to not remembering passwords, the list is long. Let’s not forget another common issue that occurs involves losing two-factor authentication or having accounts disabled for some reason.

Through this, users are guided through a series of measures to assist with account recovery. In case you have multiple accounts on the platform linked to their personal details, they get the chance to choose which account requires more help than others.

In addition to this new account support page, Instagram is also launching a new feature that gives them the flexibility to regain control of lost or disabled accounts in several other ways. One of them includes asking friends to help verify their real identity to help with this whole process.

On the other hand, the platform is also experimenting with new ways it can put an end to hacking through this app, moments before it even begins. As it is, Instagram has some great automated systems right now that can detect and delete accounts that they feel are a threat or malicious intent.

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Instagram is similarly making room for a new way for account holder verification badges to appear on the app. Now you can find the classic blue colored badge for verification on accounts in various places in the app. It’s steps like these that it hopes will help other users on the platform determine whether an account they’re interacting with is authentic or not.

You can now find such verified brands in places like DMs and Insta Stories as well, other than the regular feed of the app.

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