IShowSpeed’s PC gets hacked live on streaming

IShowSpeed’s PC gets hacked live on streaming

During his October 7 livestream, YouTube star Darren “IShowSpeed” freaked out when his gaming PC was hacked after he installed a malicious and creepy game. After streaming FIFA 23 and GTA 5 for a while, Speed ​​decided to download a scary game despite calling it “illegal crypto dark web sh*t.”

But while installing the program, Windows warned the streamer that it might contain a virus. As expected, despite getting the warning, Darren installed the game. Then his PC was hacked.

When his computer was instantly overrun with several visual errors, the former Twitch sensation broke down and loudly exclaimed:

“Oh no! F**k, no! No, no, no! F**k no!”

IShowSpeed ​​loses his cool after his PC gets hacked

After spending hours in GTA V and FIFA 23, Speed ​​wanted to try something “scary” and new and proceeded to download a game called Monoxider64. Persuaded by the livestream viewers, he ignored several warnings that said the file could cause significant damage to his device.

After reading the entire warning, IShowSpeed ​​said:

“I don’t care anyway. I’m Speed, baby! ‘Warning, you have run a trojan known as Monoxide.exe. This has the full capacity to delete all your data on your operating system. By continuing, you retain Remember that the creator does not will be responsible for any damages caused by this trojan. It is highly recommended…’ Chat, they are trying to troll me.”

Going through the last warning that flashed on the screen, IShowSpeed ​​added:

“‘Are you sure you want to drive this?’ We ain’t no punk! I ain’t no punk! Are they trying to troll me? Come on, bro! Tell me what you can do, baby. ‘Last warning.’ Bro, I’m not an ab*tch, bro! Come on! I’m ready! Now what?”

Immediately the PC started acting out. His desktop began to sparkle and was completely unusable, which immediately freaked out the YouTuber.

As the extremely loud and distorted music began to play, IShowSpeed ​​picked up the phone and called 911. The YouTube streamer explained his situation to law enforcement:

“Sir, I think the police have… I think my PC has been hacked. My PC is just hacked, it’s just done!”

One thing worth noting here is that right before the police recorded his call, his desk seemed to have returned to normal.

Social media is reacting to the whole hacking incident

As expected, the said incident was clipped and shared on several social media platforms, eliciting a flurry of reactions from fans worldwide. On YouTube alone, the clip has managed to collect 71,000 views and hundreds of comments.

Here’s what fans had to say:

Fan Reactions (Image via Speedy Boykins/YouTube)
Fan Reactions (Image via Speedy Boykins/YouTube)
Fan Reactions (Image via Speedy Boykins/YouTube)
Fan Reactions (Image via Speedy Boykins/YouTube)

Despite being fairly new to the streaming landscape, IShowSpeed ​​has gained a huge following on his YouTube channel and has become one of the internet’s biggest names thanks to his over-the-top reactions. From his viral Kylie Jenner lip challenge to getting punched during a live stream, Darren is best known for his explosive and unpredictable streams.

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