Learn ballroom and Latin dance with these apps and YouTube channels

Learn ballroom and Latin dance with these apps and YouTube channels

Dancing is one of the best ways to stay fit. You can have fun and learn new skills and moves while burning calories and toning up. And listening to your favorite tunes is sure to lift your spirits.

Whether you’re a beginner or an accomplished dancer looking to practice new styles and routines, apps are a great way to help you lose your inhibitions and get started in the privacy of your own home. Here are some great apps to get you working out while learning to dance.

1. Chorus

If you’ve ever wanted to learn ballroom or Latin dance, Koros is the best app – as long as you’re serious about it. Koros is a dance education app where you take live interactive dance classes from a team of experts led by 10-time world champions Riccardo Cocchi and Julia Zagoruychenko.

Choose from a variety of recorded classes and participate in dance fitness. You can immerse yourself in this world with talk shows, expert demonstrations and even costume making classes.

All this expertise comes at a hefty price, so use the free trial to see if a subscription is right for you. If you want to excel in dance, Koros is like getting access to a top school.

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Download: Koros for iOS | Android (subscription required, free trial available)

2. Snap dance

Snapp Dance is a more affordable way to explore the world of dance lessons, with a range of expertly led dance classes including Latin, Ballroom, Disco and Hip-Hop.

In addition to video lessons, there is a large selection of music for each style, with a powerful music player that allows you to control the tempo and set markers. It is ideal for learning and perfecting steps.

Much of the app’s extensive catalog is available via in-app purchase of individual courses, making Snapp Dance an excellent option for mastering a dance style or two. If you want to try many programs, the fees soon add up, making other apps more attractive.

Download: Snap Dance for iOS | Android (free, in-app purchases available)

3. Steezy

Steezy is perfect for trying out different dance styles, regardless of skill level. Beginners should start with the 10-day introductory program.

With over 1,500 programs and more instructors than any other app, your main problem may be choosing where to start. Every style is here, so you’re covered for contemporary, salsa and jazz. But you can also try K-Pop, hip-hop or popping. And if your main goal is exercise, Steezy Sweat offers full-body dance workouts.

The training screen is the best on offer. You can loop moves from class, control playback speed, and even use your webcam as a virtual mirror to dance alongside your instructor.

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With over one million downloads, this is an affordable way to join the global Steezy community and access great dance lessons.

Download: Steezy for iOS | Android (subscription required, free trial available)

4. CLI Studios

CLI Studios is another app that lets you start at any skill level. Learn at your own pace across a wide range of dance styles, from ballroom to ballet, with a real focus on jazz, contemporary and hip hop.

There are regular live and nearly 1,000 on-demand classes, all taught by industry experts. You can change the playback speed and mirror the screen to help you learn. There are dedicated strength and conditioning training programs included to help with fitness. This excellent package even includes classes for dance teachers.

Download: CLI Studios for iOS (subscription required, free trial available)

5. Just dance now

Screenshot of the training screen for the Just Dance Now app

If you’ve ever tried playing Just Dance on your console, you know what to expect from Just Dance Now. With a focus on fun, all you need to get started is a smartphone that doubles as a controller and an internet-connected display. Check the Just Dance Now website to see if your devices are supported.

Follow the steps on the screen and get points for your moves. These are converted into coins, allowing you to unlock more songs. Play with your friends or compete with dancers around the world.

Although you will achieve higher accuracy scores, you will not become a world-class dancer with Just Dance Now. However, you will learn new routines and you will sweat in the process, especially with the extreme challenges. Try these cardio workout videos for more fun.

Subscribe to the VIP level to get unlimited access to the ever-evolving catalog.

Download: Just Dance Now for iOS | Android (free, subscription available)

6. Hip Hop Dance Vol 1

Hip Hop Dance Vol 1 from Fitivity is a 13 week program that takes you from beginner to advanced hip hop dance. As you complete the weekly workouts, you unlock over 80 moves, and the app helps you link sequences to choreograph your own routines. If you love hip hop dance, try these hip hop workout classes.

For this app, you must supply music from your preferred music provider, which you can access in the app.

Subscribing to the premium version of Hip Hop Dance Vol 1 unlocks access to the full suite of Fitivity apps, so you can try ballet, dance strength training and thousands of workout options, including Fitivity’s basketball, MMA and baseball programs.

Download: Hip Hop Dance Vol 1 for iOS | Android (subscription required, free trial available)

7. Pocket Salsa

Pocket Salsa is the official app of Addicted 2 Salsa which has been providing affordable salsa lessons since 2005. It is packed with dance lessons for all levels. A fabulous audio section lets you learn about every element of the samba beat. Instructors Anthony and Julie Persaud draw you into their world. Highly addictive, it’s a great way to get in shape.

At the time of writing, it is cheaper to download the app on Android, where Pocket Salsa Basics is also free. Sample lessons are on Addicted 2 Salsa’s website.

Download: Pocket Salsa for iOS ($9.99) | Android ($4.99)

Download: Pocket Salsa Basics for Android (Free)

8. Everdance

Everdance combines dance, fitness and social elements. To receive a personalized training plan, answer a series of questions about your fitness goals and dance preferences. Everdance shows how many calories you burn in each training session. You can record and send your training videos for feedback from the instructors.

Although this app does not feature the famous choreographers and dancers that others boast, it follows the fast-moving world of viral dances. So whatever’s trending on TikTok, you’ll find a guide here—and you can record your efforts to share with the world.

The free Everdance catalog is limited, but subscribing unlocks a lot of dance training fun.

Download: Everdance for iOS | Android (free, subscription available)

9. Dance piece

Dancebit is a fitness app designed more for perfect fitness than perfect moves. Complete the first questionnaire to start your 28-day dance challenge, designed to help with weight loss or fitness requirements.

You can take classes including Latin, aerobics and Bollywood. You can try many more Bollywood dance training classes. Each workout shows you target body areas and calories. It’s very user-friendly, and there’s a lot of emphasis on having fun while getting in shape.

Download: Dancebit for iOS | Android (subscription required, free trial available)

10. Body Groove On Demand

Body Groove’s philosophy is to let your body move the way it wants to instead of trying to perfect someone else’s stride. It’s a worldwide movement that brings people together for fun dance workouts. Depending on your location, you may be able to attend live Body Groove classes.

The app makes Body Groove workouts accessible to everyone, regardless of fitness level or dancing ability. Take on an extended challenge program like Elevate Your Fitness, or just enjoy your daily workout. There’s even a specific section for family-friendly routines.

Body Groove also includes yoga and meditation. Overall, it’s an excellent package for anyone who just wants to move their body and enjoy the dance.

Download: Body Groove On Demand for iOS | Android (requires subscription)

Dance apps are a perfect training solution

Dancing is a perfect way to enjoy music, move, learn new skills and improve your fitness. And these apps will help you avoid any feeling of embarrassment if you have two left feet, as you can have fun exercising at home.

No matter where you start from and what level you want to reach, one of these apps will be a perfect companion. The most important thing is to enjoy the training.

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