LOGNET’s most anticipated game in February

LOGNET’s most anticipated game in February

It looks like 2023 is going to be a great year for gaming. We’re already into the second month of the year, and the February games are already looking stacked. Here are LOGNET’s most anticipated games hitting the month of February.

Blood Bowl 3 (February 23) – Chris Jones, Senior Writer

Play February Blood Bowl 3

I can’t wait to jump in Bowl of blood series for the first time. I love turn-based games that add a unique aspect. This is a turn-based strategy game that has a sort of simulation theme too with Goblins, Dwarven, etc. The game also has just the right amount of violence! Super excited to jump in for the first time!

Kerbal Space Program 2 (February 24) – David Schallert, writer

game in february kerbal space program 2

The game I’m most looking forward to in February is Kerbal Space Program 2. I played the original when my son was a toddler and he loved watching the rockets “splash”. I’m really excited for them to add building colonies on other worlds and even travel to the stars.

Wanted: Dead (February 14) – Daniel Amoroso, Associate Editor & GAMERANT

wanted dead games in February

The February game I’m looking forward to is Wanted: Dead. From some of the team behind Ninja Gaiden series, this exciting 3rd person action hack-and-slash game is looking to hearken back to the glory days of the genre. Offers a variety of offensive attacks from melee to gunfights, and a large amount of visceral finishing moves. Wanted: Dead will hopefully be able to recreate some of what made this genre so exciting.

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Like A Dragon: Ishin (February 21) & Horizon Call of the Mountain (February 22) – Gene Schaffmeir, Senior Writer

like a dragon ishin promotional art game in february

A few years ago I was deep in one Yakuza obsession. On my way down that rabbit hole I imported Yakuza Ishin for PS4. I couldn’t believe how good it looked. After playing countless hours of the mainline game, the change in time period was welcomed. I just knew Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio would localize it eventually. February is so packed with great games, but the new content and upgraded graphics make it so Like A Dragon: Ishin a must play for me.

horizon call of the mountain arc

Sony was so impressed with developer Firesprite that they acquired them in 2021. Along with the launch of PS VR2, Horizon Call of the Mountain makes for one of the most exciting games in 2023. Not only will we get a brand new story in Horizon universe, but in just a few weeks we’ll have a whole new way to play games on PS5. Horizon Call of the Mountain is going to be a mix of Sony’s best foot forward and new technology like on-your-head haptics, foveated rendering, eye tracking and physical hand movement.

Destiny 2: Lightfall (February 28) – Ty Swinson, Senior Writer

I look forward to Fate 2: Fall of Light for the month of February. This expansion promises to be as climactic as cult classics enjoy The Empire strikes back. Beach as a new subclass will help usher in a major refresh for Fate Sandbox along with prove a great Spider man simulator. Finally, the biggest mystery Fate will eventually be answered: “What is the Pouka fish?”

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Destiny 2: Lightfall (February 28) – Lord Cognito, Iron Lords Podcast & LOGNET CEO and Creative Director

Destiny 2 sandbox

As a passionate Fate fan since its inception, nothing has gotten my blood flowing more than the marketing for a new expansion from Bungie. Usually extensions are where the most significant changes take place in Fate Sandbox. I’m very excited about the brand new Strand subclass, and the many quality of life changes to help new players Fate.

Fate 2: Fall of Lightits cyberpunk aesthetic on the planet Neptune will be the last place in the great pantheons Fate extensions. Despite the fact that the narrative bar is set extremely high with the fantastic Witch Queen campaign last year, it seems that the stakes for human survival are higher than ever. This has culminated in the reveal of The Witness (think Thanos who has been looming in the background as the mastermind of Darkness since Destiny 1), and now his latest disciple Calus.

I can’t wait to dive back into the tight FPS gunplay I love, gearing up for my favorite co-op activity in gaming (Fate Raid day 1 raid March 10) and stop the darkness over some beautiful views. February 28th, can’t come soon enough!

Atomic Heart (February 21) – Mahmood Ghaffar, Editor-in-Chief

atomic heart lightning magic

Atomic heart gives up major Bioshock vibes. The mix of FPS along with magic/powers is a great combination when done right. I love the fact that the developers confirmed that the game will support 60FPS. Eastern European storytelling can be bleak at times, but it oozes with wonderful cultural references that add depth and authenticity. It was unfortunate that the game was delayed, but since it’s right around the corner now, it’s got me pumped. Best of all, it’s available day one on Xbox Game Pass.

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What is your most anticipated game or games of February? Sound off in the comments section below

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