Mom wows with ‘brilliant’ outdoor planter upcycle Kmart hack

Mom wows with ‘brilliant’ outdoor planter upcycle Kmart hack

Kmart’s stone patio tiles have already proved popular with do-it-yourselfers in the past. From using them as tiles to giving a new surface to coffee tables, Aussie renovators love the flexibility, ease of use and durability of the modern tiles.

Now a mum has been impressed by how they can also be used to modernize outdoor plant pots. “Give these old concrete pots a makeover with chalk paint and flagstones,” Hannah posted in a hacker group on Facebook.

People loved the results, with her post quickly gaining almost over 3,000 likes.

A planter renovated with Kmart flagstones and chalk paint

Hannah used Kmart’s stone patio tiles and chalk paint to give her garden pots a whole new look. Photo: Facebook

“Best post ever,” one person commented. “Beautiful upcycling.”

“So freaking awesome! Are you kidding,” wrote another.

“Great idea. I have several terracotta pots but hate the color of them, must try this myself,” added another.

“OMG I have some of these and was ready to throw them away. Will do your trick. Thanks so much for sharing,” replied another group member.

Kmart chalk paint and stone terrace tiles

Hannah used Kmart chalk paint ($10) and stone patio tiles ($29 for four) as well as tile adhesive from Bunnings. Photo: Kmart

“At first I used the combination of stone tiles and grout on a side table after seeing another hack in the Facebook group,” Hannah, who works in flight operations in Brisbane, explained to Yahoo Lifestyle.

“I put them out to dry in front of my palm and thought the stone looked nice against the green.


“I found some used concrete pots on Facebook Marketplace and made it smaller to host a Mandevilla, which will climb, and the large pot hosts a bamboo palm,” she said.

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“They were much easier to do than the side tables, as I had already done some trial and error.”

Two jars on patio partly painted

Hannah used Kmart chalk paint to prime the pots before tiling them. Photo: Facebook

Nothing but beautiful comments

Despite being pleased with the results, Hannah was taken aback by all the positive feedback she received from her fellow group members.

“I was hesitant to post them as I’ve never posted anything in a group forum before but I’m absolutely blown away by the feedback. I’ve had nothing but lovely comments from everyone. Very humbling,” she added.

Hannah’s step-by-step guide

“I pulled each stone off the back and then used a tile adhesive from Bunnings to attach them to the pot,” explains Hannah.



  1. Paint the top and bottom with two coats of chalk paint.

  2. Pull stones off the backing and attach them individually to the pot with the silicone tile adhesive.

  3. Mix grout. I found it easier to wear gloves and push the caulk into the holes to fill them one side at a time.

  4. I then used the caulking tools to scrape over and get off the excess caulking.

  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all sides.

  6. Use a wet sponge to smooth over the grout (leave grout semi-dry for this step).

  7. I used a sugar soap cloth to wipe down each stone individually to bring back some of the color.

  8. Seal once dry.

Do you want to spruce up your outdoor area for the summer? This hack will certainly do the trick.

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