Mrs Hinch fans share game-changing tumble dryer to stop clothes smelling musty

Mrs Hinch fans share game-changing tumble dryer to stop clothes smelling musty

A LOT OF DUNG? Regular dryer cleaning can keep odors at bay (Photo by Getty)

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By Millie Bull

Making your dryer smell like a wet dog?

If so, you are not alone. Aside from the cold, rainy weather that causes high humidity, there are several things that can cause odors to linger in your laundry.

One of the main reasons for this is the build-up of mold, mildew or bacteria in the dryer. An old or overloaded tumble dryer can also cause persistent odours, reports The Express.

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Fortunately, Mrs. Hinch has shared a simple solution for fans of the cleaning sensation that ensures clothes continue to smell “fresh” after they come out of the dryer. Mrs Hinch, whose full name is Sophie Hinchliffe, is a cleaning and lifestyle influencer who frequently shares cleaning and DIY tips with her more than 4.5 million followers on Instagram.

On a Facebook page dedicated to the cleaning sensation’s tips and tricks, one member, Gemma Wilson, asked: “What do people use in the dryer to keep their laundry fresh?” And many people on the Facebook page had some innovative solutions.

The most suggested solution was to use wool dryer balls. Sharon Andrea said: “Just bought wool dryer balls, game changer! Wash smells great and bonus – no ironing!”

Mold or lint on the rubber gasket of the dryer can cause your clothes to smell bad (Photo by Getty images/iStockphotos)

Ginaa Magri commented: “I used to use sheets but bought four wool dryer balls instead.” According to Magri, the wool balls speed up the drying process while keeping the clothes fresh.

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Wool dryer balls can be bought online and from some local supermarkets and shops. A box of 20 wool felt balls will cost £4.99 from Amazon.

Other suggestions for keeping your clothes smelling fresh in the dryer include using scent enhancers, laundry pads, dryer sheets, laundry conditioner soaked in a cloth, and regularly emptying the dryer. Sandra Armstrong suggested: “Scent enhancers that you put in the washing machine are brilliant, especially Lenor.”

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Beard Demi-lea also swore by Lenor sheets, but warned that you have to “use a lot” to be able to smell them. “I cover a sock comfortably and add it to my towels, blankets and pajamas,” she said.

Afet Alexis replied: “Just remove the lint after each use. No one smells their own laundry, but everyone else can.” Tracey Louise Bate said: “I use an old drying sheet with Comfort on it. It’s cheaper and smells great or use an old cloth with Comfort on it – it works the same way.”

Tracey MrsDee wrote: “I’ve replaced the dryer with a sponge cloth dampened in diluted fabric softener. Gives a treat and no more dryer jams in my machine.”


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