My Hero Academia: Dabi’s True Identity, CONFIRMED!

My Hero Academia: Dabi’s True Identity, CONFIRMED!

The latest episode of My Hero Academia finally revealed Dabi’s identity, sending shockwaves through the community.

This contains spoilers from Season 6 Episode 11 of My Hero Academia, which is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

One of the most anticipated and gut-wrenching episodes so far from season 6 My Hero Academia titled Dabi’s Dance has left fans who haven’t progressed with the Manga shocked by the sudden reveal. The war between the heroes and the paranormal liberation front has had its fair share of excitement and action. Still, the final episode came with shock, disbelief and a touch of sadness as everyone’s fan-favorite villain, Dabi, takes the stage and finally reveals his traumatic past and what made him the villain he is today.


Throughout the show, very little is known about Dabi’s origins, we know that he is a fire-wielding antagonist who wreaks havoc wherever he goes, and that he follows Stain’s ideologies of killing heroes. But his extremely powerful fire spirit can also be compared to another powerful fire-wielding character from the series. Although it was pretty obvious, it was a revelation to fans all over the world.


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Dabi’s dance

dab dance

The latest episode of My Hero Academia titled Dabi’s Dance begins with Deku and Shigaraki falling from the sky when All For One failed to steal One For All from Deku. Shigaraki continues to try to fight back, but is quickly taken down by Shoto Todoroki and Nejire Hado. This is when Gigantomachia appears and crashes into the scene with some of the Paranormal Liberation Front members on its back.

Although weakened at this point in the fight, Endeavor debates with himself about how he must take down Gigantomachia and once again prove that he is the #1 hero. Suddenly, Dabi appears on the back of Gigantomachia and addresses everyone on the battlefield. Pouring a bottle of hair dye remover as his hair gradually turns white, he asks Endeavor why he calls him Dabi and a name that has a better ring to it would be Toya, thus revealing that Dabi is actually Endeavor’s long-lost eldest son – Toya Todoroki .

Shock, disbelief and revelations


The scene then shifts to Tomoyasu Chikazoku, better known as Skeptic, hacking into a TV satellite to broadcast the news to the world, Dabi’s self-recorded video is broadcast as he reveals his true identity as Endeavor’s eldest son all along. Viewers are in shock, as well as Dabi’s mother, sister and brother who also happened to be watching the news at the time. But more than anyone, it was Endeavor who was in a state of pure shock as he helplessly listens to his eldest son’s rant about how he wanted to shame his father and ruin the career that Endeavor worked so hard to build. Dabi goes on to talk about how Endeavor never loved his wife and that he has a heart of pure selfishness. He explains that he was the creation of Endeavor’s selfish goal of wanting to bring into the world a child who possessed both the fire and ice properties and who would have been the ideal candidate to follow in his footsteps to achieve what Endeavor could not, which was to surpass All Might.

Dabi’s plans know no bounds as he also goes on to say that he has a paternity test to prove that he is indeed Endeavor’s son as he thinks the audience might not believe him. Dabi then jumps from the Gigantomachia as he builds up his Flashfire Fist attack on Endeavour, on the other hand Endeavor is still in shock and deep in thought about his once lost son who had now been found. Rooted in his position, he remains in disbelief as Shoto yells at him to get out of the way. The scene ends with Tsunagu Hakamada otherwise known as the best jeanist appearing from the sky and restraining Dabi saying that he is now back in action.

This season has been a rollercoaster and has left fans wanting more and more of My Hero Academia. Will Endeavor fight Dabi? What will the best jeanist do next? Will Shigaraki wake up and use the Gigantomachia to attack the rest of the heroes? Stay tuned to find out the next episode of My Hero Academia.


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