New Monster Hunter mobile game, created by Capcom and Call Of Duty Mobile Dev

New Monster Hunter mobile game, created by Capcom and Call Of Duty Mobile Dev

A new Monster Hunter mobile game will be made by a partnership between Capcom and TiMi, a Tencent-owned company behind other mobile games such as Pokemon Unite and Call of Duty Mobile.

The game is still in development with no release date announced. Not much is currently known, in general, about the game. According to a press release, the Monster Hunter mobile game will “recreate the hunting action that defines the Monster Hunter series.”

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This is not the first Monster Hunter mobile game. Free-to-play Monster Hunter Riders, a spin-off of Monster Hunter Stories, released exclusively in Japan in 2019 and shut down in 2022. It sounds like this new unnamed Monster Hunter mobile game will be more similar to the mainline Monster Hunter. Hunter game, but that remains to be seen.

Monster Hunter has seen some strong releases in recent years. Monster Hunter World was released in 2018 and was followed up by Monster Hunter Rise – a former Switch exclusive – in 2021. Both World and Rise have become highly acclaimed, attracting a sizeable audience who enjoy hacking away at giant fantasy- dinosaur-like monsters.

Monster Hunter Rise passed 11 million sales in October, and the major DLC expansion pass Sunbreak has also sold over 4.4 million units. In the latest Fanatical sale, Monster Hunter Rise for PC is also discounted from $40 to $28 until November 14th. For more deals, check out our best deals in Fanatical’s massive PC gaming sale.

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