New stories from Borderlands’ best characters

New stories from Borderlands’ best characters

In the franchise Borderlands, perhaps there is no game series with such a large group of colorful, diverse and completely crazy individuals. The Borderlands franchise thrives on chaos, from the bandit characters to the Vault Hunters. When it comes to New Stories from Borderlandsthe same principles apply, which turns out to be good for some Borderlands the characters in the game.

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It’s no secret Borderlands love loud and murderous characters, but on top of that they love teams. NewStories fromBorderlands has layered characters, each with their own motives and desires. It just so happens that most of these wishes involve a bunch of killing with a ton of power.


7/7 Susan

Susan Coldwell is the embodiment of satirical companies. She is completely heartless and has the characteristics of a ruthless CEO who seems to be against the common people. She is the CEO of Tediore, the weapons manufacturing company that has some great weapons in it Borderlands franchise.

Susan plays an important role in NewStories fromBorderlandsand serves as the main antagonist, following in the footsteps of classic villains such as Handsome Jack, CEO of Hyperion.

6/7 Anu

There is a good intellect with Anu, a scientist who works in the research and development team for the Atlas company. She can show a lot of enthusiasm for her work, and an innate curiosity for the galaxy’s potential, but she is a worrier, letting her fear and tense feelings get the better of her sometimes, even though it’s not her fault.

Anu may be prone to panic attacks, but that doesn’t stop her from doing what she thinks is right, always putting her brother, Octavio, first. Anu is a smart woman with big business ventures and inventions just waiting to be released newBorderlands game.

5/7 Fran

Fran is the Froyo Queen and someone who is not exactly on the sensible side. Once again, it’s hard to find any completely ordinary ones Borderlandsas the bizarre weapons and hostile planets tend to do that to people, especially since Fran has reasonable aggression towards the world after someone shot a laser through her dessert shop.

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Fran has quite a few anger issues to sort out, but that never gets in the way of her being a charismatic and sweet character, with a adoration of the gross and lewd. Even her hover chair has some neat gadgets to use, making her a pretty effective character and fighter.

4/7 HOUR-E

Robot companions are always a good laugh. Claptrap still seems to remain one of the flagship characters for Borderlands franchise. Enters the ring New Stories from BorderlandsThe place is TIMM-E, a delightful and energetic robot companion who lives to be submissive, and the personal assistant of Atlas’ CEO, Rhys Strongfork.

TIMM-E wants to help in any way he can and is not against being used as a seat for his stressed boss. His energy is always up and he seems to be optimistic. It’s safe to say Claptrap wouldn’t like TIMM-E.

3/7 Octavio

While Anu has book smarts, Octavio has street smarts. Octavio learned everything he could as a child on the streets of Promethean and uses his charisma and hype to trick, steal and get out of sticky situations. Such a situation saw a brand reversed new and expensive ECHOdex, with great ability to hack.

Despite his street habits, Octavio dreams of a better life. The character wants to be a success in the corporate world, just like Rhys was in his game. Octavio’s choices are mostly determined by the player, but many of them involve his sister and friends, showing that he is a loyal and loving person. He is also not completely afraid of danger and will risk himself for the promise of safety for those he loves.

2/7 Rhys

As another CEO of a powerful company, Rhys knows, tries and sometimes fails to prove his worth among the big leagues. He is the ambitious young man with a bold mustache in charge of the Atlas company. The audience that played Stories from Borderlands will remember this character as one of the main characters, which means they’ve seen how far his character has come.

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Although he is a strict boss, he is still quite lovable. Rhys has many notable moments throughout Borderlands franchise, and it’s good to see him shine as one of the best Borderlands sign here.

1/7 LOU13

Everyone loves robots in video games. Especially when they seem just as crazy as the rest of humanity, if not more so. LOU13 is a debonair assassination robot i New Stories from Borderlands and serves as a good ally for the characters, especially Octavio. His moral compass is bizarre and he will shoot anyone with a bounty, regardless of their usefulness, but he is completely against stealing.

LOU13 is a great weapons artist and had instant access to a database of all known bounties in the galaxy. Despite his life of murder, LOU13 loves comedy and loves to make people laugh. Pursuing a side career in comedy, it’s hard not to root for the lovable robot.

New stories from the borderlands is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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