Ocarina of Time Player beats Ganondorf using Ruto as a weapon

Ocarina of Time Player beats Ganondorf using Ruto as a weapon

A The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time player eschews the use of a sword to instead defeat Ganon using the NPC character Princess Ruto.

ONE The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time the player hacked the game so he could beat Ganondorf with the last weapon he ever thought could take him down: a Zora princess named Ruto. Ocarina of time is a long-standing favorite among the speed skating and marathon gaming communities. It can be hacked, modified and exploited in a thousand different ways, offering players shortcuts or just plain stupidity that breathes new life into the Nintendo 64 classic.

Ocarina of time was originally released in 1998. It was an instant hit with fans and critics alike. It has since become a cornerstone of the speedrunning world, with speedrunners from all over the world constantly trying to find new and mind-blowingly creative ways to shave precious fractions of a second off their times in hopes of breaking world records. As a side effect, tons of mods have been developed and bugs have been discovered and exploited, all to be used as potential speed skating tools.


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Ruto-as-a-weapon is the invention of a Zelda speedrunner and randomizer player named Viday James. Vidya James is a member of the Zeldathon community, a gaming collective that raises money for charity by participating in marathons in Zelda franchise, often in creative ways. It is well known in the world of Zelda speedrunning that Princess Ruto has a hitbox that can damage enemies when she is thrown. When Link finds her in the belly of Lord Jabu-Jabu, a large whale-like beast that serves as a small dungeon to be explored, complete with puzzles and enemies, Ruto refuses to be rescued unless Link carries her. She sits with her knees to her chest. Link can then pick her up and throw her as a weapon. This made Vidya James wonder if he could defeat Ganandorf, the game’s final boss, with only Ruto. It turns out he could.

Vidya James hacked Ruto into one Ocarina of time practice rooms, a training track and testing tools that offer a wealth of editing and management options to speedrunners for training purposes. It is one of many homebrew PC ports Ocarina of time. Once loaded into the final boss arena, James throws Ruto onto the small square platform Ganondorf floats over, then throws her back onto the chest in the middle of the platform. When he strikes down Ganondorf with a light arrow, Ganondorf falls, leaving him open to an attack with the Master Sword. But with Ruto in the way, there is no reason to swing the sword. When Ganondorf makes contact with Ruto, he enters a loop where he takes constant damage without returning to his float phase. Vidya James says that Ganondorf has a total of 40 health, which explains why he is defeated after 40 hits in a row from Ruto.

Then Vidya James got curious. The only reason this is possible is that the damage done by throwing Ruto is flagged in the game’s code with the same slash damage offered by the Kokiri sword. Since all bosses require slash damage to be defeated, he wondered if everyone the bosses in Ocarina of time could be defeated with Ruto. It turns out that the answer to that is also yes. In a video originally posted on his YouTube channel, Vidya James unleashes every boss the game has to offer by throwing Ruto into their glowing weak spots.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is available on Nintendo 64.

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Source: Nintendo Life

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