People Just Realize a ‘Game-Changing’ Hack to Remove Car Windshield Ice – Using 6 Cent Product

People Just Realize a ‘Game-Changing’ Hack to Remove Car Windshield Ice – Using 6 Cent Product

A MOTORIST has shared a “game-changing” hack to remove ice from a car windscreen – using a 6 cent product.

As the mercury plummets, many drivers are waking up to find their cars covered in frost and ice.

The trick only takes a few minutes


The trick only takes a few minutes
All you need is a ziplock bag and hot water


All you need is a ziplock bag and hot water

Amy Savage, @amysaavage on TikTok, shared her simple solution that she learned on the video platform.

In the video caption, she wrote: “TikTok teaches me more than school.”

The Belfast woman showed off a trick using two items you can find in any household to help melt frost and ice from your windows.

She fills a ziplock bag with hot water and wipes it over the windshield—with the car ready to drive in minutes.

Aer Lingus is canceling flights to and from the main airport due to
ORANGE low temperature and ice warning as snow warning issued for 3 counties

And a number of her followers commented below saying it was a “game-changer”.

One person wrote: “Did this for the first time this morning. Why didn’t I do it sooner?”

And Amy replied, “Works so well doesn’t it??? Better than waiting for a fan to heat up!”

It is important to only use lukewarm or cold water as boiling water can shatter your car’s windscreen.


Meanwhile, the National Emergency Co-ordination Group will meet today before temperatures plunge to -7C when the big freeze bites tonight.

Met Eireann’s status orange low temperature and ice warning will kick in for the whole country at 5pm and is valid until 12 noon tomorrow.

t reads: “A hard frost and further icy stretches will set in on Sunday night, accompanied by patches of freezing fog.


“Temperatures are likely to drop below -5 degrees in many areas.”

Ireland remains under a status yellow low temperature and ice warning until 5pm.

And snow is expected to fall in Dublin, Wicklow and Kildare this morning.

It’s set to be a bitterly cold day with daytime temperatures of just 4C.

A forecaster said: “Very cold this morning with a widespread hard frost, ice on roads and footpaths and patches of freezing fog hanging in places throughout the day.

“Most areas will be dry with winter sunshine, but wintry showers will also occur – mainly in northern and eastern counties.

“Temperatures only reach 0 to +4 degrees in light, occasionally moderate, northerly or variable breezes.

“Bitterly cold tonight with temperatures falling to between -7 and -4 degrees widely, falling lower locally.

“Dry for most, but there will be wintry showers, especially in the northwest with possible snow accumulations.

“Freezing fog will also develop widely in a light variable breeze, falling almost calmly at times.”

People are urged to take extra care on the roads as roads and footpaths will be icy tomorrow morning.

They continued: “A bright and bitterly cold morning tomorrow with severe frost, icy conditions on roads and paths and freezing fog, all leading to very dangerous travel conditions.

– The frost, fog and ice will hang around throughout the day. Wintry showers will also continue in the northwest, with a few moving into eastern and southern counties during the afternoon and evening.

“Temperatures only reach -2 to +3 degrees, coldest where the fog hangs. Light to moderate easterly breeze.”

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Snow is also on the cards again on Monday evening as the mercury remains at -7C in many areas.

They said: “Very cold and mostly dry with just a few wintry showers, most likely along the east coast.

“Widespread sharp to severe frost and icy conditions will set in as temperatures drop as low as -7 to -1 degrees, coldest over the midlands and north.

“Fog patches will also form in light east to northeast breezes, possibly increasing fresh in the southwest with a chance of rain, sleet and snow there.”

Carlow Weather’s Alan O’Reilly also took to social media to update his followers on the cold situation.

He wrote: “Weather models don’t agree on low Tuesday, many keep it just off the south coast, but GFS brings in southern areas with risk of snow. One to watch.

Major Irish children's hospitals in acute care
Passengers brag about

“The overnight models increase the chances of mild air pushing in next weekend with the risk of heavy rain, but not all models agree that some show cold moving slower.

“It will be bitterly cold this coming week, down to below -5c tonight.”

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