Pokemon already issued bans to Scarlet & Violet fans over ‘modified data’

Pokemon already issued bans to Scarlet & Violet fans over ‘modified data’

Published: 2022-11-11T17:42:04

Updated: 2022-11-11T17:42:13

The Pokémon Company released a statement saying it will begin issuing a new wave of bans for players using “modified data”ahead of Scarlet & Violet’s launch.

With Pokemon Scarlet & Violet almost here, The Pokemon Company is preparing for all the challenges that come with the launch of a new generation.

One of these ways is to ensure that Pokemon players refrain from using hacked Pokemon by issuing bans to offending players.

Now, The Pokémon Company has released an official statement that they will begin issuing a wave of new bans for trainers who use “modified data” on mainline games and Pokemon Home before Gen 9’s release.

Pokemon issues new bans ahead of Scarlet & Violet

The Pokemon Company issued the statement on its official Japanese website. Although the statement began with a thank you to fans who “always enjoy the ‘Pokémon’ series,” it quickly turned serious.

A rough translation of the statement reads as follows: “We have confirmed that some users are playing the “Pokémon” series and “Pokémon HOME” using illegally modified data… We will take the following measures for users who cause problems for other users, for example trading Pokémon, or users deemed inappropriate in terms of operation.”

Those trainers found to be using “modified data” may suffer penalties such as restrictions on online play on all Pokemon titles, restrictions on “use of exchange functions” in Pokemon Home, or outright suspension from Pokemon Home.

The Pokemon Home logo next to a screenshot of Scarlet and VioletThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Home is compatible with Scarlet & Violet, but players using hacked Pokemon on the service should exercise extreme caution.

The Pokémon Company ended the post by confirming that it will “continue to take similar measures periodically, and may implement additional restrictions without prior notice.”

However, it is important to note that the statement clarified that those who have modified data unintentionally should not worry about being banned.

Essentially, those trainers who end up getting suspicious Pokemon through random trades have nothing to fear.

As Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s November 18, 2022 release date approaches, The Pokemon Company is likely to crack down even harder on things like leaked content and hacked Pokemon. Those looking to experience Gen 9 fresh and ban-free should be cautious until the game is officially released.

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