Productiv enters into strategic collaborations with Sage and SAP Concur

Productiv enters into strategic collaborations with Sage and SAP Concur

Productiv announced new strategic collaborations with Sage and SAP Concur to make it easier for businesses to unlock more value from their SaaS portfolios at scale.

According to the company, this news comes as companies look more critically at reducing consumption and optimizing costs in an uncertain economic climate. In particular, business leaders are looking for solutions to help IT, finance and procurement teams coordinate spend visibility, cost rationalization and renewal management, especially for SaaS applications, which have exploded in use.

Productiv’s new Financial Connectors are designed to make it easier for organizations to bring employee expense and vendor invoice data into the SaaS Intelligence platform enabling IT, procurement, finance and business leaders to align with trusted data and deep insights for to proactively manage, optimize consumption and drive operational efficiency across their SaaS applications.

By using SaaS Intelligence, IT and business leaders can be more confident in their decisions and actions, whether it’s right-sizing the SaaS investments, managing renewals or reducing risk exposure.

Available on the SAP Concur App Center, businesses can now use the Productiv for Concur Expense and Productiv for Concur Invoice connectors to programmatically integrate expense and invoice data into the SaaS Intelligence platform.

The platform uses machine learning to automatically identify SaaS providers and map all the unstructured SaaS spending and payment data to the relevant providers, resellers and apps.

Insights into team and employee consumption, combined with usage data, help identify opportunities to optimize costs. Applications discovered through this consumption data can be reviewed for compliance risks, the company states.

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In addition, Productiv customers no longer need to license the SAP Concur Web Services module to use Productiv’s Concur Expense and Concur Invoice connectors, and direct onboarding can be done in under five minutes.

Using the Sage Intacct Connector, Productiv customers can now ingest data from Sage Intacct programmatically, with artificial intelligence that automatically assigns unstructured payment data to apps, suppliers and merchants.

As a result, users can quickly and easily see consumption on SaaS applications on an app-by-app basis over time and understand consumption behavior at an individual level. Sage Intacct’s integration testing and certification process helps ensure data quality and integrity.

Mark Piesanen, vice president of strategic alliances at Productiv, says: “Our platform currently connects to hundreds of HR, payments, expense, contract lifecycle management and app engagement systems, helping to enable enterprises to discover up to 100% of their SaaS -engagement and use.

“Our new partnership with Sage and SAP Concur provides even greater visibility and access to reliable SaaS usage data, helping leaders across organizations align with purchase and renewal decisions.”

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