‘Simple and effective’ way to clean washing machines – ‘kills bacteria’ and ‘removes limescale’

‘Simple and effective’ way to clean washing machines – ‘kills bacteria’ and ‘removes limescale’

Washing machines are appliances that are used weekly in many homes, which means they see a lot of dirty clothes, towels and bed linens pass through them. Just as clothes need to be washed, so do washing machines, and there are several elements that need cleaning, such as the drawer and drum. A cleaning expert has shared good tips on how best to clean your household appliances.

Karen Barrigan, cleaning expert at Housetastic.co.uk, shared tips on how to properly clean all elements of a washing machine.

She told Express.co.uk: “The easiest and most effective way to clean a washing machine drum is to run an empty cycle.

“To do this, add a little detergent directly into the drum, and hot wash at around 60 degrees.

“Try setting the cycle to the hottest wash possible on your appliance to kill bacteria and remove limescale.”

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“Make sure you scrub inside the drawer too, as old debris can often hide out of sight. Give the drawer a quick rinse before putting it back in and you’re good to go.”

Brits should also make sure they clean the filter, which is often located at the bottom of the appliance. It helps to prevent fibers and dirt from ending up in the pump.

It is often full of dirty water as well as bits of hair and dirt. It’s also a humid environment, which means it can become a breeding ground for nasty smells.

The cleaning expert noted: “Make sure you regularly remove and empty the filter to remove any fibers and objects that have accumulated in it.

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“To do that, first find your filter. Usually the filter is located along the bottom of the machine, but check the owner’s manual if you’re not sure where to find it.”

Start by placing a bowl in the bottom of the drain pipe to prevent leaks, then pull the pipe out and release any water and dirt that may be inside before reattaching.

Once this is completed, the expert said to unscrew the filter cover to release the washing machine filter.

She added: “Empty the filter and allow all trapped dirt and water to escape – lay down a towel if necessary.

“Give the cavity a once-over with a cloth to remove excess, then replace the filter and cover.”

One area of ​​the machine that can become particularly dirty and infected with mold is the washing machine seal.

This prevents water from running out of the washing machine when it is in use, but unless it is cleaned regularly, it can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

To clean this part of the machine, take a cotton ball or kitchen roll and simply wipe away the dirt inside the seal.

If there is stubborn mold, white vinegar can be put inside using a kitchen roll or damp cloth.

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