Simple English emerges as a better option than any English speaking app in India

Simple English emerges as a better option than any English speaking app in India

New Delhi [India]Nov 1 (ANI/SRV): Speaking English as a second language has become a priority for people in countries like India, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates. English has become an important language of communication and helps when you travel, attend social gatherings and connect with people from abroad.

People who are new to the language often resort to taking lessons through an online English speaking course or apps. However, the choice is difficult as both have major differences and minor similarities. Students enrolled in an online spoken English course from Simpli English understand the disadvantages of an app.

Students found Simpli English’s online English course better than any best English speaking app in India. It provides professional guidance and students can choose their trainers who have good command of regional languages ​​like Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, Telugu, Bengali, etc.

Simpli English is available in 13 countries and very easy to sign up for. Students of all age groups can sign up and take their courses on Zoom or Google Meets, whichever they prefer, and can also continue their lessons while traveling.

Simpli English’s online oral English courses offer individual classes that give undivided attention to a single student, so their progress is much faster. Also, students build a real connection with the teacher rather than with the app or on-demand video hosts.

One of the main reasons to join a spoken English course is to become familiar with American and British English slang. Simpli English begins this journey with students from the first session, as the teacher already understands the student’s existing skills.

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Also, students develop a better vocabulary much faster during an online course because they get undivided attention and remove doubts during the sessions.

Simpli English offers courses based on students’ existing abilities and overcomes the barriers of an app. In addition, it offers certain benefits that do not come with apps. For example, students can register for the course directly from the website and start classes on Zoom or Google Meets. They don’t need to install an app, reducing the risk of malware or Trojans on a device they use daily.

90 percent of students re-enroll on the 1-month or 3-month course Simpli English after completion, as they want to keep their vocabulary up to date and have a good command of the language until the goal is reached.

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