Take-Two Takes Down ‘Goat Simulator 3’ Trailers Using Stolen ‘GTA 6’ Footage

Take-Two Takes Down ‘Goat Simulator 3’ Trailers Using Stolen ‘GTA 6’ Footage

In such a bizarre scandal, it can only happen with Goat Simulator 3, a game that skipped Goat Simulator 2 because, why not, they got into trouble with Take-Two and Rockstar Games.

A new trailer for Goat Simulator 3 actually uses stolen GTA 6 footage, which was released after an extensive hack by Rockstar earlier this year. Not amused by this, Take-Two has in turn knocked all instances of this new Goat Simulator 3 trailer offline to the point where I can no longer find a working link.

So… why did Goat Simulator 3 show stolen GTA 6 footage in the first place? The concept was a new trailer that focused on the life of an NPC, Shaun, and at the end it mentions a cameo he had in another game. Next, an excerpt of the leaked GTA 6 “diner robbery” footage is shown, where a player robs a diner and has a shootout with the police.

But no, Take-Two hasn’t, and as such the trailer has been blasted by the internet with enough force to ragdoll a thousand goats. This whole situation is of course extremely relevant to Goat Simulator, as we now have news stories about how a company was issued DMCA takedowns for using stolen footage from its biggest upcoming release in 2026 (or when GTA 6 gets here). That alone is pretty funny.

In September, hundreds of videos of confirmed legitimate GTA 6 footage were leaked following a large-scale hack by Rockstar, including the diner scene. Rockstar had to shut down development for several weeks, but eventually said that the hack would not harm the production of GTA 6 in the long run or delay its final release. While the footage was in early, early testing mode, the reaction to it was largely…positive among the wider gaming community, most of whom thought it looked pretty good for being so early in production, probably 2-3 years away from release.

As for Goat Simulator 3, the game already arrived a month ago in mid-November. This new trailer was just for fun, but it seems to be a little…too much fun at Rockstar’s expense. Goat Simulator 3 debuted to good-for-a-goat-simulator scores ranging from 68 to 78 on Metacritic, depending on the platform. No word on whether they will release a non-GTA 6 influenced version of their latest ad.

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