The Gass App: All About The Viral Social Media App

The Gass App: All About The Viral Social Media App

A new social media app called “GAS” is quickly going viral, especially among high school teenagers, as it allows them to “boost each other’s app.” We don’t discuss GasBuddy app here, but another app where users can complement each other. Here’s everything about the Gas app.

The Gas app is quite different from other social media platforms. There isn’t a feature for talking or posting content, but you can simply interact with polls, motivate people you might know, and let them know you’re in love with them, but anonymously.

Some users may find it similar to the BeReal app as it is also different, but Gas keeps your identities anonymous unless you upgrade to God mode.

What is the new viral gas app?

Gas is a social media app that The Wall Street Journal claims to be “the hottest app right now.” It was founded by Isaiah Turner, Dave Schatz and Nikita Bier, who also founded TBH, a similar app that Facebook bought in 2017 but shut down in 2018.

The term “gas” comes from internet slang meaning a person who tries hard and goes out of their way to impress someone. Gassing someone means to “pump someone up” with a compliment or something else. Likewise, the Gas app has the same features.

Basically, Gas is an anonymous question-and-answer app, similar to NGL app, where users can communicate anonymously with people from school, the neighborhood or others. It encourages small social groups to connect without instant messaging.

Currently, the Gas app is only available for download in 12 states, including Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana. However, the creators note that it will also be available in other states after a server expansion.

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How does the Gas app work?

The Gass app works by accessing your location data when you sign up to help you choose your high school and allows you to add people from your school, their friends, and the friends they add. However, you cannot talk or send messages to anyone.

Instead, users are served multiple-choice questions about fellow students with superlative answers. For example, there are questions like “Who is most likely to dress up as the poo emoji for Halloween?”, “The body every new sport they try,” and “Their smile makes my heart melt?”

When you answer, your friends will receive Flames, which means getting gassed up, and it will boost their confidence. This app is intended to “create a place that makes us feel better about ourselves“, according to the website.

How to use the gas app?

Using the Gas app is quite easy and anyone can use it despite the fact that the app is more suitable for high school students and teenagers. You just need to install it on your device from the App Store, sign up for an account and add friends, which will be the people you might know.

Once you’ve added friends to your list, you’ll receive polls to answer. The answers will be the names of your friends. When you select a friend’s name, they will receive Flames, which are nothing more than a considered measure of popularity.

There is nothing else to do on the app. If you thought it was something similar to TikTok or Instagram, then you are going to be disappointed. The app may simply be a passing fad. Only time will tell.

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Is the Gas app completely anonymous?

No, the Gas app is not completely anonymous. Users can find out who has chosen them by answering certain questions by upgrading to God Mode which costs only $9.99. It’s easier for the person to figure out who’s crushing on them too hard or who’s looking for ways to troll them

If you’ve been answering random questions thinking they don’t know, you should probably stop now. Although the app is designed to boost each other’s app and pump confidence, users have found other ways to use it and have fun.

Is the Gas app available on Android?

The Gass app was originally launched on the Google Play Store in August 2022 under the “social media” category, and later became available on the Apple App Store. However, it was later removed from the Play Store for unknown reasons.

Deasilex, one of the creators of Gas, explains that the Gas app is currently in beta and the final version is not yet available. Therefore, it is only available on the App Store in 12 states so far. He also dropped the good news that Gas will be available on Android later.

The developers are reportedly working on fixing all the bugs, adding more features and making the platform more secure before the eventual launch on Android, probably by the end of this year.

Is the gas app safe for teens to use?

There are many concerns among teenagers and their parents regarding the Gas social media app due to its access to your exact location. A rumor surfacing online claims that hackers and predators can gain access to users’ location and information using the Gas app.

However, that’s just false, as the app only asks for your location to let you choose your high school. Co-founder Nikita Bier told WSJ that the data is not even stored on the platform’s servers while rumors are being addressed. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about it.

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Another thing to note is that there is no visual content available on the platform yet. Therefore, there is no need to worry if teenagers will be exposed to harmful content. However, the Gas app still allows access to your contacts and puts their names on polls.

Nevertheless, it is reasonable to conclude that the Gas app is safe for teenagers to use. However, people should still take the usual safety precautions that they follow while using other social media apps. They should not trust anyone on the Internet.

A worrying fact about the Gas app is that it triggers a dopamine cycle that trains teenagers to check their phones for validation. Although Gas was created to “increase self-esteem”, it can become addictive when people start demanding this validation from others.

Otherwise, everything is fine with the app. There is no bullying, no stalking or any other risk. It even has a live customer support. If you have any problems, you can just connect them.

Have you tried it yet? Feel free to share your reviews for Gas social media app in the comments section.

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