The Spellbound Side Job Guide

The Spellbound Side Job Guide

In “Spellbound”, V is contracted to buy a spellbook currently held by a corporation. Done right, V can find a legendary crafting recipe along the way.

Cyberpunk 2077 has no shortage of side jobs and gigs available, many of which offer impressive rewards. The “Trollbound” side job i Cyberpunk 2077 is no exception. It pays out a large sum of spins and, if done correctly, unlocks a legendary crafting recipe for one of the best quick hacks in the game. In this side job, V is contracted by Nix to buy a certain book of spells simply called “The Book of Spells”. It is currently held by a corporation, and Nix is ​​suspicious of her intentions. Follow these steps to complete the quest and find out if he’s right to be so skeptical.


Spellbound (side job)
Action Act 2
Prerequisites Complete “Ghost Town”
Nice to have Intelligence: 9
7,300 swirls
Valuable exchange System Reset (legendary) crafting recipe
Rewards +102 XP | +229 Street Cred
Up to 8,700 spin profit.

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How to get enchanted side job

Nix prepares to offer V the mission

To get this side job, the player must complete “Ghost Town”. After some time has passed, players can revisit Afterlife and Nix will contact them to inform them that he has a job opening.

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Spellbound Side Job Walkthrough

The description for the start of the Spellbound side job

Follow these steps to complete the Spellbound side job:

  1. Go to Nix, who is in a back room at Afterlife.
  2. Talk to Nix to learn about a spell book he found someone trying to sell online. He wants V to buy it for him in case there is trouble. The contact’s alias is R3n0.
  3. Leave Afterlife and call R3n0.
  4. R3n0 will quickly relay an address and demand that V come alone.
  5. Go to the address and meet R3n0 in an exclusive corporate bar. She will inform V that the magic book is hidden somewhere safe.
    The contact offers the goods at a price.
  6. There are a couple of ways to get the coordinates of the stash from R3n0, but this is far from the hardest choice V makes in Cyberpunk. Whatever you choose, remember that she is armed with a Palica shotgun and has control over the camera system around V:
    • Access the laptop next to her at the bar. To get around the code on your laptop, Jack in and use at least one Datamine Daemon. Of the four files on the laptop, one has the coordinates of the spellbook, and two others inform V that R3n0’s real name is Clarity. She works for Hard Wire Ltd. who tasked her with copying the spellbook and destroying it, which she chose not to do…
      A message detailing Clarity's secrets
    • Pay her 7300 swirls. If she paid the due date, she will simply tweak the V coordinates. Giving her grief for being a petty fraud does nothing but violate her dignity.
  7. Go to the coordinates and open the pink case there to find an old-fashioned tablet called “The Book of Spells”. Johnny, ever the cool anti-hero, describes it as being at the top of his time. Loot it.
  8. It is possible to hack the spell book before bringing it back to Nix. This results in unlocking the spellbook and getting a crafting recipe for the legendary System Reset quickhack. This quick hack is especially useful. It has a passive effect that reduces RAM cost after defeating an enemy that stacks up to six times.
    Item Description for Legendary System Reset

    To hack “The Book of Spells”, follow these optional instructions:

    1. Finn Dictionary shard listed under a named category at the bottom of the Score Menu.
    2. Press the enter button for Crack Security. This will open a Protocol Violation screen.
    3. Only the third and fourth Datamine daemons need to be uploaded. The code for the spellbook is the same in all playthroughs. Here is the code sequence for The Book of Spells:
      code sequence for spelling book
  9. Return to Nix to give him the spell book. While turning in the quest, it is possible to bully Nix into paying significantly more for the Spellbook (11,200 vs. 16,000). This requires an intelligence of at least 9.

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What to do next

cold mirage location

Completing “Spellbound” is a necessary prerequisite for another quest Nix offers: “Kold Mirage”. To get started on that side job, simply head to the location in the Badlands where V had a fateful encounter with Dexter Deshawn and Takemura. Alternatively, “Kold Mirage” can be started by reading Notice of expiry shard which can be found under “Many ways to skin a cat”. Otherwise, you can take part in some of the other great side jobs Cyberpunk has to offer.

Cyberpunk 2077 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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