These Game of Thrones-inspired cats are encouraging pet owners to adopt

These Game of Thrones-inspired cats are encouraging pet owners to adopt

Cats may not be as scary as dragons, but they are definitely cuter! While adorable cats Khaleesi (@thekhaleesicat) and Drogo’s namesake are feared across Westeros, these adorable Game of Thrones-Inspired kitties are loved on the Internet, and are using their influence to encourage more people to adopt cats of their own!

Khaleesi and Drogo’s cat dad, Jordan Stewart, runs the “Khaleesi Cat” account with his girlfriend Mary. “Growing up, I’ve always loved cats,” Jordan tells In The Know. “I wanted to get a cat when my boyfriend and I moved in together. The house was a little too lonely and too quiet, and we just lacked something.”

Jordan and Mary chose to adopt Khaleesi and Drogo, a decision that has led to one of the important pillars of the brand. “I know it’s very easy to go to a breeder to get a specific pet,” says Jordan. “But if you can consider adopting and adopting older animals as well because they are overlooked as well, that’s a really big thing for us.”

The origin of the names Drogo and Khaleesi comes from the popular HBO show Game of Thrones, which Jordan and Mary have been “big fans of” all their lives. “We were kind of mentioning names back and forth, and I said the name ‘Drogo,’ and it was like something just clicked,” says Jordan.

Khaleesi’s popularity was originally due to her unique appearance. With two different colored eyes and striking white fur, Khaleesi quickly became popular on social media and her parents began creating content for her growing group of fans.

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“The kind of content we put out on social media is mostly just deadpan humor,” Jordan tells In The Know. “We ended up having a lot of inside jokes with our fans, where now they pretty much expect us to do that in a lot of our videos.”

While never losing sight of what their fans want, Jordan and Mary make sure to keep viewers on their toes, constantly evolving the type of content they create.

“Since our first post, we’ve incorporated other things into our humor, like twerking,” says Jordan. “We’ve really just tried to make stuff that we think is fun, and hopefully our fans find fun too.”

While humor is at the forefront of the Khaleesi Cat brand, Jordan and Mary use their platform for good, hoping to encourage their followers to give back in meaningful ways, especially when it comes to helping animals and shelters.

“We’ve worked with shelters, we’ve worked with big companies to get supplies and donate them to people in need,” says the proud cat father. “I think one of the biggest things we strive for is to try to encourage adoption, and to give shelter pets a chance, because there are a lot of people who sometimes overlook them.”

As the couple continues to use their influence to give back, it’s clear that for Jordan, the Khaleesi Cat brand is much more than just a short-term hobby.

“Over the years this has definitely grown into a passion for me. If you had asked me three years ago what I thought I would be doing, it definitely wouldn’t have been making videos of my cats on social media,” says Jordan . “It’s really grown into a passion and something I’ll probably be doing for the rest of my life.”

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