This P2E Crypto game will leave Axie Infinity in the dust

This P2E Crypto game will leave Axie Infinity in the dust

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The new crypto game project Calvaria promises to take the industry by storm and become one of the best games to make money on the market.

That title was previously held by Axie Infinity, but the game has endured a terrible 2022 since peaking in late 2021 — not least because of the $600 million hack of the Ronin Network in March.

At its peak, Axie Infinity had nearly 3 million players and a market value of nearly $10 billion.

Players in developing countries were also reported to earn more from the game than the average daily wage.

However, fast forward to today and its market cap is around $850 million and – according to both DappRadar and Footprint Analytics – only attracts around 15,000 players per day and around 180,000 in October.

The massive hack certainly exacerbated Axie’s problems, but the player base declined before the hack with players blaming poor game mechanics and the restrictive cost of the playable Axie NFTs.

Furthermore, Axie’s native token AXS has fallen in value and is down nearly 95% from its all-time high of $160 to its current price below $9.

The game, like many other GameFi projects, is now struggling to attract casual and traditional players to the blockchain.

Calvaria aims to fix issues that Axie Infinity and other play-to-earn projects have found in recent months with their flagship game Duels of Eternity.

Calvaria to develop P2E and F2P versions

Calvaria developers have identified two major roadblocks preventing mass adoption of Web3 games.

While investors have seen the potential that Web3 games can offer, the player base has not followed suit.

In addition to the main play-to-earn (P2E) mode, Calvaria will also develop a free-to-play (F2P) version of its game.

They do it because they believe that the game itself will be enough to lure players over to the blockchain, with some incentives included.

The first roadblock is the prohibitive cost of playable NFTs and tokens that limit access to a game before players can even try it.

Games like Fortnite have monetization, but players can still play the full version of the game without spending anything – the cost comes in upgrading weapons, skins and so on.

The F2P version will have no such costs, and will include ads to generate revenue, but will feature a visible tracker showing a player how much they could have earned if they had played the full version of Duels of Eternity.

The other roadblock is that some players have been intimidated or intimidated by the blockchain due to a lack of technical knowledge.

For example, P2E games require – at the very least – a crypto wallet to play games. Again, the F2P version will require zero knowledge of how the blockchain works.

To help traditional and casual players, Calvaria will include gamified missions in the F2P version that teach players about the crypto space while rewarding them.

The game will also be available for download on mobile app stores, making it even more accessible to casual players.

The original RIA token is currently in stage 3 of 10 of its presale and has raised nearly $1.5 million in just two weeks.

Visit the Calvaria Presale now

Duels of eternity

Calvaria’s flagship game, Duels of Eternity, is a battle card strategy game set in the afterlife that sees players stack their decks and face opponents in one-on-one battles.

Players align themselves with one of three warring factions – each with their own unique characteristics and strengths – and use their knowledge, skills and strategy to defeat rivals.

Unlike rival games, Duels of Eternity is in full 3D and also includes a single-player campaign mode where players can earn cards and boosters that can be used in player-versus-player mode.

Players collect and stack their deck, using upgrades, power-ups and buffs to win matches.

In the P2E version, winners are rewarded with a second native token, eRIA, which can be used in the in-game store to upgrade cards and make decks more powerful.

The cards are also owned by the players and can be fully traded in the marketplace.

Like Fortnite and other major Web2 games, Calvaria takes a seasonal approach to Duels of Eternity, with new cards and upgrades regularly available as time passes.

The project also promises VR capability later in the roadmap, and also sees the game as perfect for eSports.

Calvaria will produce its own in-house eSports team and host other teams and players in Duels of Eternity tournaments.

Calvaria Presale Info

As previously mentioned, Calvaria is currently in the third phase of its 10-stage presale, with RIA tokens on sale at $0.02 and poised to become one of the top gaming cryptocurrencies.

The tokens started at $0.01 in phase 1 and in the final phase will sell for $0.055 – a 450% increase from phase 1 and a 175% increase from today’s price.

In total, 300 million (30%) of the maximum 1 billion tokens will be for sale in the presale, with a hard cap of $9.75 million.

The remaining supply is divided largely between the stake pool (25%) and the prize pool (20%), with the final 25% divided between operations (8%), INO (6%), the team (5%), liquidity (4%) and counselors (2%).

Calvaria boasts a full doxx team and has already secured partnerships with major centralized exchanges KuCoin and Gate.io for when the presale ends.

How to buy the RIA token

Read our full and in-depth guide on how to buy RIA tokens during the presale or follow the short steps below:

Step 1: Download Crypto Wallet

Step 2: Buy ETH

Step 3: Link to Calvaria’s website

Step 4: Convert ETH for RIA

Step 5: Claim the RIA when the pre-sale ends

Visit the Calvaria Presale now

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