Top Roblox Leaders Creators and Developers Should Know

Top Roblox Leaders Creators and Developers Should Know

  • Roblox, a fast-growing gaming platform, has helped turn some developers into high-earning creators.
  • These creators often have a direct line of communication with employees of the technology company.
  • Insider identified 24 Roblox employees that creators and influencer industry insiders should know.

After making games on the side for almost seven years, Nathan Clemens formed Simple Games with his family in late 2019. The goal: create new experiences for the rapidly developing Roblox platform, which Clemens had already developed for.

“My family, we’ve always been very entrepreneurial,” said Clemens, who previously spent much of his time house-flipping with his parents and two sisters. “Well, we know how to do things—we can learn things, too. So they jumped at it.”

The Clemens family, based in Delta, Colorado, has developed at least 20 games to date, which have been played by over 517 million people, and Roblox has offered its support to the Clemens family practically every step of the way.

When Simple Games launched its fashion game “Simply Stylish” in December 2021, Roblox staff tested the game and provided feedback on features they wanted to see.

“They were always very supportive, and were there to give feedback no matter what their expertise might have been,” said Naomi Clemens, who supports game development and creates avatar clothing at Simple Games.

Since David Baszucki and Erik Cassel founded Roblox in 2004, the San Mateo, California-based company has evolved into a thriving online gaming platform that has recently surged in popularity, growing 24% year-over-year to 58.8 million daily active users. While the platform, which hosts millions of user-created games, has traditionally been known to appeal to an audience of children and young teenagers, the company has said that the fastest growing demographic today is gamers aged 17 to 24.

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The platform’s ecosystem of 12 million developers now runs the gamut, from individual creators like Arthur Trusov who design user-generated content (UGC) items like digital sunglasses, hats and pins, to game studios like Twin Atlas who employ over 70 staff and have developed at least 16 games.

As Roblox has grown, the company has allocated significant resources to support these developers. In addition to offering a free development tool with Roblox Studio, the company built out a developer relations team of more than 40 full-time employees plus 30 contractors, a developer forum where developers can post bug reports, feature requests and ask for help with development issues, and an ongoing series of creator-focused events. Roblox also launched the $25 million Game Fund in March to support eligible developers and studios.

“We wanted to provide many of the tools that allowed creators to potentially realize their dreams,” said Matt Curtis, Roblox’s vice president of developer relations.

For this list, Insider asked Roblox and its creators who the most helpful people to know on Roblox are. The insiders identified employees who make significant contributions to the Roblox creator ecosystem or who regularly work with Roblox creators and their teams.

Here are 24 power players at Roblox who work with creators and leaders in the influencer industry, listed alphabetically:

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